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Tuesday, 15 September 2015 14:35

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

From all indications, the Beng Climaco insider we spoke about yesterday was telling tales, in describing the meeting between the two acknowledged alienated team of Cong. Celso Lobregat and Mayor Beng Climaco. He said in chavacano, “Maybe he (Celso) is feeling the pressure for he agreed to the meeting Beng initiated in an eatery a little outside the city proper last Saturday.

Thru other sources, I learned that as of yesterday, Sunday, Celso and his insiders were in the thick of a line-up organization.

If that is not smack in the face contradictory to the Beng follower fiction, then I do not know what is.

The fight is on.

* * * *

The first two of three rumored target dates for Bongbong Marcos to declare his political plan passed by uneventful. The first speculation was the 11th, birthday of the late strongman’s birthday. Second was yesterday, his own’s. Dreary, too. The last of the three whispered date is purported to be this 17th. Of what significance that date is, is even beyond my source, as he had said.

My humble opinion though is it will be the presidency, save for his earlier statement that if Grace Poe runs, it will be as vice president.

My feelings arise from what was announced as having transpired during the celebration of his father’s birthday  in their home town. Thus I find it interesting to re-print a portion thereof, nearing the appointed day.

The birthday wish of Imelda Marcos, former first lady and a congresswoman announced, is “ .. that President Ferdinand E. Marcos, be given a state burial in her lifetime.”

And she wants it soon, having so wished with the hope that the Lord grants it.

It could be a fact that only another Marcos presidency could do it soon. Will this trigger the son’s announcement as she wants it soon and in her lifetime. Bear in mind, the next presidential race will roughly be seven years from now. Imelda is not growing any younger. Bears watching.

Added to that, up until now per Chiz Escudero’s own words, Poe is yet undecided on whether to run as president or not.

One good thing going for her is the Senate Electoral Tribunal  (SET) which will decide on her fate. And the SET as well as some other government creations are believed under the thumb  of the president, who up until today, is bent on nailing Poe for Mar’s Roxas’ running mate.

All told now, the above-mention factors may very define the decision of SBM. 17 or no 17.

* * * *

Davao City Mayor is indeed a puzzler. Only a day after he spoke of his supposed retirement from politics, the merry-go-round retumed.

First, it was the announced million march, cum signatures to prod him into running.

A few days from then, is a statement I heard him make on tele-radyo show in Manila, “Hindi ako nagsasalita nang patapos. Wala kasi yan sa bisaya.” (To this effect, it meant, I do not speak with conclusivity. Such word is not found in our vernacular. It could also be worded as to mean, I do not mark a dot on my statement.

And now, his camp says, he will announce his candidacy on the 26th.

What gives?

* * * *

Zamboanga Sibugay Provincial Public Safety Company commander Supt. William Gadayan is going great guns in our neighboring town to the east. It was his command that effected the arrest of a kidnap-for-ransom group led by Reme Sabtal alias Commander Agila and Mr. Suave and his brother Ronnie Sabtal. They are tagged as the perpetrators of the series of kidnappings in the province.

Their capture is projected to put an end to more kidnappings in Zamboanga Sibugay.

At the time of the arrest, Gadayan said Sabtal’s group has planned to abduct another prominent personality in nearby Labason, Zamboanga del Norte.

It is but fitting that Zamboangueño Police Regional Director Chief Supt. Miguel Antonio commended Gadayan’s group and other units  who participated in the operation that led to the arrest of the two brothers, like the PIB, PIDMBAND PCRB, NISU, PN, PG395  PN, D2 3AD, NAGA police, RPSB9, 44th IB PA, 17 SFC PA, SF BN, PCG and the 9 ISU.

* * * *

Whatever is happening to Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada is a teaser.

Months into the 2016 elections, and he seems to be straying from his Erap para sa mamahirap slogan.

Recently, he clamped down two main public markets in Manila. Now, he is privatizing all public markets in his turf.

Although it is a good mark of political will, still and all, in any way one looks at it’ the move doesn’t sound tasty to netizens. with elections lurking up front.

Here is a noted effect, “Vendors in eight out of the 17 public markets up for privatization in Manila said yesterday they will go on a holiday today to dramatize their protest, despite warnings from the city government that those who will participate will be arrested.

Save Manila Public Market Alliance (SAMPAL) spokesman Ram Bautista told the Manila Bulletin that there are no grounds for arrest because vendors are not criminals.(PDI)

Yesterday, a noise barrage was staged. Vendors banged knives on  metal trays in their stalls at the Trabajo Market in Sampaloc, Manila as part of a noise barrage held yesterday to protest  the privatization of Manila’s public markets.

The Erap move is in a tie-up between the city of Manila and private contractors. .

* * * *

To Sai Cortez, I wrote, “That’s correct, Sai, ‘remembering’ not celebrating.”

In any case, I join up - even if late — with Jimmy Villaflores, Jofre Rasul and all others who gave Roxas pieces of you mind. Thank you very much.

To me, soon as I saw it flash on TV, I told the group with me, “Dol nuay mas ‘ste wisio jente ste. Mira ustedes, a day of infamy, “Happy Anniversary” daw. Instantly, jeers snarl.

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