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Thursday, 23 June 2011 13:57

Last week I was in Davao with my aunt – my first trip out of Zamboanga this year. For weeks I had been eagerly anticipating that break but as the day of our departure dawned, I found my excitement waning. The hundred and one things all crying out for my attention were such a damper and left me very much reluctant to leave. But I couldn’t say no to my aunt. So, fly to Davao I did. Still, I had no intention of ditching my commitment to turn out an article each week. Alas, my resolve was simply no match for my killer schedule then. Although I did manage to finish this last Friday, by then I had used up my last ounce of strength and couldn’t do a final revision. My mind, totally in cahoots with my battered body and weary soul, adamantly refused to budge from its shutdown mode impervious to my coaxing and cajoling. Helpless, I had no choice but to concede defeat and accept that for the first time, I was going to break this promise to myself. And I have a feeling I might break that promise yet again in the next two weeks. Looking at all I have to do and take care of, I expect the pace to be equally punishing and exacting. Anyway, that’s not what I mean to talk about here. Let me tell you about Davao…

Almost three Decembers ago, I was also in Davao with two classmates, all set to have a memorable, joy-filled, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Before I got there, my friends had already brainstormed on how we can best discover and taste the delights of Davao. Thrilled by the thought of exploring Eden Park and dining out at Jack’s Ridge where you can lose yourself in the scenic view of the city by night, I imagined myself being completely mesmerized by the sights, sounds and pleasures of Davao. However, I hadn’t even gotten there when plans started going awry. To cut the story short, my dreams of experiencing Eden and Jack’s Ridge remained mere dreams. I left Davao with my hopes dashed to the ground, my expectations crushed and with nothing much to tell except how we went restaurant hopping, malling, and watched Twilight. The one highlight of that trip was eating durian with ice-cold coke along Magsaysay Boulevard. The combined stress, negativity and disappointment were apparently more than I could handle because when I got home, I promptly got sick. Very sick. 

A few days ago, Fate stepped in to offer me “redemption.” It gave me another shot at experiencing Davao. This time I went devoid of expectations - clueless as to the agenda or itinerary. I simply entrusted everything into the hands of our hostess – and surprise, surprise! Eden was our first stop, Jack’s Ridge, our second, Café Laguna, our third and the durian spot at Magsaysay Boulevard our last. And while I can’t say that Davao bowled me over with her sensory delights, what amazes me is how I got to see the places I wished to three years ago with barely any effort. 

What an irony. Three years ago we planned things almost down to the last letter yet despite our best intentions and meticulous preparation, our plans were thrown out of kilter. This time, I just went to Davao, gave myself up to Fate and ended up getting what I wanted. Funny, isn’t it? Sometimes we struggle, push and fight yet no amount of twisting Fate’s arms can make Her acquiesce or give in gracefully. But when we simply turn over the reins to her, she puts on quite a show. 

And so I smile in fond remembrance of my recent trip to Davao. I smile as it dawns on me that perhaps this yet again the Universe’s way of saying that indeed there is a time for everything – and no matter how much we long to make things happen instantly, we cannot rush the seasons. They remain obstinate and stick unfalteringly to their own rhythm. And if we stubbornly insist on having our way, plans just turn out half-baked, complicated, and even disastrous. However if we align ourselves with the schedule of the Universe, plans seem to have a better chance of coming into fruition.
They simply unfold, almost effortlessly, magically, miraculously, with little prodding from us. 

I wish I can always look back to this experience every time impatience grips me and sets me all a- flutter. I wish I can always remember that indeed, there is no need for me to struggle or fight for the fulfillment of my fondest wishes.  All I need to do, like I always say, but which until now I keep forgetting or find difficult, is simply make sure the Universe hears and knows my deepest desires. Once She does, I can gently release them, confident that Fate will step in, work wonders, make them all come true beyond my wildest imaginings, one at a time, in due time.

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