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Wednesday, 16 September 2015 15:18

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol

Table Talk is not a Mason brother, but, almost all my close friends are Masons and have known them when they were not yet a Mason. I have seen their closeness to their brother Masons, but one thing special about them is their sincere sense of belonging to other people. They are frank and honest and most of all they extend help to those who need assistance without fanfare and publicity, many times incognito and anonymous.This is real help in the strictest sense of helping, following God’s Law of helping the unfortunate members of our society.    One incident, I witnessed that made me write this column was, a poor man, nobody knew, looking hungry and lost and in tattered clothes, from his looks is homeless, waited at a parking lot in a famous restaurant in Zamboanga City for the owner of a car. He leaned on the well polished car and when the owner arrived, he extended his hand to beg, talking in “cebuano” dialect. I thought the owner of the car,will shove him away and scold him for touching his dirty hands in the clean car, but no, the man tenderly gave him a 20-peso bill and offered him a cigarette. With trembling hands and a smile, the old man accepted the money and cigarette. The car owner still lighted the cigarette for the old man and he puffed like he was not able to smoke for many days. I knew the car owner was a Mason and my friend and what I saw made me pray silently and asked God to bless this Mason friend of mine for showing trust, mercy and love to a stranger, who may bring harm to him at that moment. Indeed, God works in many wonderful ways and touches the heart of men in many ways too.

*  * * *

The security guard at the parking lot was dumbstruck, because he was driving the old man earlier but to no avail because the man was steadfast and risked the consequences, but was saved because the car owner incidentally popped out and was leaving for home from the restaurant. The timing of the car owner’s arrival was a saving grace for the old man, who was almost manhandled by the security guard, who thought he was insane. But,the Mason friend of mine showed a different attitude, that of a human being, though how lowly has life and is God’s creation and should not be treated like an animal. The security guard instead saluted the Mason car owner as he was leaving the parking lot. Perhaps the guard thought, he should have been in trouble with the law, had he harmed the helpless and hungry man, who was there to look for help to buy some food. Indeed, God is not sleeping and one kind act can free someone from the pain of having nothing and at the same time softened the heart of those who believe that they are right and powerful, because, all men are born equal. But sometimes as what Roman Poet Antonius said “unto each life some rain must fall”. Thank you my Mason friend.

* * * *

I was watching the old man from outside the restaurant to smoke. He walked away slowly from the parking lot very happy and even gave a bow to the security guard, who can do nothing but smile at the old man. I said to myself, earlier, the two men acted differently, one was full of hatred and anger and one gave himself up to any untoward consequences. The  kind gesture of a Mason changed the situation. One was relieved from a harmful stress of anger, while the other was saved from the pain of hunger. It took one Mason to make two people happy and probably changed. It also gave myself a time to redirect, that indeed there is no substitute to show kindness. It does not only make your life lighter