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Wednesday, 16 September 2015 15:20



Los Angeles, CA. — First, my heart. Good, but not so good as in most hearts over 60 years.

Second, fueled by moneyed backers and heavy campaign donors, Mayor Ma. Isabel G. Climaco-Salazar just snatched another gold for her pan — Vice Mayor Cesar Ituralde. The sunny-smiling lad from Talon-Talon was sworn in as a member of the Liberal Party (LP) and has been endorsed by Madam Climaco-Salazar to be the LP’s candidate for congress in the second district.

Because they’re first cousins, she, too, might finally accept the application of Dr. Junie Climaco to be a member of the LP, a recognition he tried to make three years ago but was never acted upon. If the mayor accepts his application, she might endorse the doctor to be LP’s congressional candidate in the first district. Possible, ‘di ba?

And there’s my friend, Mr. Jomar Lobregat, who appears to be ready to make a second run at congress. Why not? He can shift domiciles — from Pasobolong to Nunez six months before the election to make him eligible to run in the first district. I bet you, he’s not slept in his Pasobolong hut recently. Possible tamen, hende ba?

The anti-Monsi posture of the Lobregats still reverberates — for still unknown explanation. Was it because he left the priesthood to oppose Mr. Celso L. Lobregat in 2004 for the leadership of the city? Childish, na man. Was it because he ran again almost three years ago against Mr. Lobregat?

Jomar was beaten by a Nuno whose clan has pledged to support the elder Lobregat in next year’s election. If Jomar changes his residence and makes the White House in Nunez as his staging point, he can be defeated again, this time by an ex-padre. Or, he can pull an upset by throwing a ton of money into his campaign.

The potential entrance of old-new faces in the election for councilor is great considering the divorce of Mrs. Climaco-Salazar and Mr. Lobregat (although not officially yet, but soon).

ERBIE FABIAN is being pushed to join Mr. Lobregat as the latter’s vice mayoral candidate. To complete the intrigue, as Mr. Lobregat was heard saying, a photo of the two together in blustering eye-to-eye contact at Erbie’s resort was taken.

Erbie’s character has not diminished a bit even with his defeat in 2013 to the woman from Sta. Maria. Barring a monstrous collapse in his campaign — assuming that he runs for vice mayor — he will be the next presiding officer of the city council, a position familiar to him.

Other potential talents that would do good in the city council are ATTY. LUIS CLIMACO, MIKE APOSTOL, JV ATILANO, reruns RUDY LIM and REY CANDIDO and all those who lost in the last election. They can either go electric RED or warrior YELLOW.  But the red shirts will have a tough time because the yellow army will have all the resources to run a decent campaign.

Ask living political legends VINNIE ATILANO (LP) and PELAGIO MANDI (NP) — they’re probably the only two left. There is no such animal as a Zamboangueno vote. The candidates will have to rely on the minority — Muslims, Bisayans and other assimilated residents. And, yes, the INC and the proud Masons. The youth, religious and women are going yellow.

Those who campaigned long and hard in the past for the Lobregats are now mostly retirees, disabled, dying or dead.

Aha, because he has started writing a column, JIMMY CABATO will run for barangay captain of Baliwasan. He will push his son, now the BC, to run for councilor.

Day by day, next year’s election looks more predictable, the outcome, more particularly.

I was talking to a paisano in San Diego over the weekend where I spent touring USS MIDWAY, Seaport Village, the breath-taking Coronado Island and old town San Diego with my family, and he said that Zamboanga should start electing educated, respectable people rather than barangay captains and those ineligible to participate in decision-making. There’s a proper place for them where they can be more effective.

Gone are the days of Vinnie Atilano, Jolly Climaco, Bucky Bucoy, Rustico Varela, Pelagio Mandi, Vitaliano Agan, Eduardo Atilano, Dominador Natividad, Expedito Fernandez, Roberto Lim.