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Thursday, 17 September 2015 11:10

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Except for Monsi dela Cruz, who posted his departure for Manila yesterday apparently to attend the political activity scheduled today for the announced presidential go of Sen. Grace Poe, it was again another lifeless political day in this city.

In any case, all eyes locally are still centered on the two main protagonists, who were close allies in previous elections, with one as the acknowledged, king/queen maker, the other the minion.

* * * *

By late afternoon Wednesday Grace Poe was to have announced her political plans. Whatever it is, is yet underdetermined as of writing time. And up until now, there are pundits that come up with mixed observations on what she has to say. There’s so much room for speculations.

For one, the immediate reaction of President Noynoy Aquino to the Poe announcement appeared overly cautious. It did seem worded in such a way, he knew what was coming.

Even the papers are kept guessing up to today. But maybe, the flight of Monsi to Manila must have been in anticipation to and for a presidential announcement  of Poe. For, as we recall, Monsi, based on facebook postings, was in Manila last week and had an audience with Poe in her Senate office. He must have been told so at that time, which is why he’s there.

Whatever, is she or is she not? And later, in the lower part of this column, another question will prop up.

Is she in or out?

* * * *

The Grace Poe move may just have moved the 17th rumor for Bongbong Marcos’ own announcement. As Poe was to announce her plans 16th Wednesday, at the same time it was disclosed’ the proclamation of her Vice Presidential running mate Chiz Escudero, is the following day. And that’s the 17th.

It would then be unlikely for him to push through with the spoke of date..

* * * *

Wait up. He had spoken again. This time, I mean it’s Former Information Minister of Strongman FM and ex-Sen. Kit Tatad. In his column today, he again spoke authoritatively on the citizenship of Grace Poe. Here go, portions by portion to shorten the points, “This question has to be asked in light of Mrs. Llamanzares’s completely crass effort to promote herself as a possible presidential candidate, despite the clear language of the Constitution that renders her ineligible to seek the presidency or the vice presidency or even to remain in the Senate, where she was “elected” in 2013 after making false claims about her citizenship and residency…”

On the matter of documents she submitted to the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET), where her citizenship ,is being probed, Tatad said, … certificates are spurious, and tend to support the position of the petitioner rather than that of the defense. Thus, during the preliminary conference at the Supreme Court last Friday (Sept. 11), petitioner Rizalito David, through counsel Manuelito Luna, adopted the same certificates as part of his evidence, to the visible chagrin and consternation of the defense.”

Hey, just took note of it, “Manuelito Luna”. Really a rare name, so very unlikely for Manny to have a namesake. I guess, it’s him. Long way going, Manny.

Her woes do not end there. The issue of alterations on her documents are yet suspect. Tatad continues, “Its most fatal flaw is a handwritten note of seven short lines on its upper right hand saying the child was “adopted by the spouses Ronald Allan Poe and Jesusa Sonora Poe as per Court Order, Municipal Court, San Juan, Rizal, by Judge Alfredo Gorgonio dated May 13, 1974, under Special Proclamation No. 138.” The order itself is legally questionable because adoption cases normally belong to the jurisdiction of the regional trial court, rather than to the municipal court. But the more important issue is, how did a legal document dated Nov. 27, 1968 manage to take cognizance of an adoption decision, which purportedly took place six years later? This appears to be conclusive proof that the certificate was manufactured on or after May 13, 1974, and is therefore null and void ab initio. It has no legal value; it cannot be the source or proof of any claim that Mrs. Llamanzares was born a Filipino or became a natural-born Filipino after her birth. One is either a natural-born Filipino or not upon birth; nobody becomes a natural-born Filipino after birth.”

See how precise Tatad is on the matter? Nailing probably the last nail on Poe’s citizenship coffin, Tatad concludes,  “...The second certificate of live birth is no less invalid than the first. Dated May 4, 2006, or 38 years after Mrs. Llamanzares was born, it was executed by Mrs. Jesusa Sonora Poe, her adoptive mother, who identifies the child no longer as Mary Grace Natividad Militar but rather as Mary Grace Sonora Poe, allegedly born to herself (Jesusa) and to her husband Ronald Allan Poe in Jaro, Iloilo City on Sept. 3, 1968, several months before they were married on Dec. 25, 1968 in Valenzuela, Bulacan. No medical or legal evidence exists to show that Mrs. Poe ever conceived and delivered a child during her marriage to the famous actor Fernando Poe, Jr. who died on Dec. 13, 2004. All the known facts about Mrs. Llamanzares’ birth, including public statements made by Mrs. Poe and Mrs. Llamanzares herself, contradict this false claim.”

The anticipated question. Is she is or out?

* * * *

If  the Bongbong Marcos name hugs portion of my column, do not be surprised. Starting with the BBL issue, the 2016 polls, COMELEC’s PCOS and printing follies, etc, the man simply creates waves through his moves. Here’s more, “Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. yesterday said he smells a “cover-up” in President Aquino’s latest pronouncement of an alternative version the bloody Mamasapano incident last Jan. 25. (MB)

Marcos expressed daze that the President is now hinting on a scenario injurious to the families of the 44 Special Action Force (SAF) troopers who lost their lives to kill Malaysian terrorist Zulkifli Bin Hir, AKA “Marwan,” in a covert operation.

“The young man smells a cover-up as he is surprised hearing the president take sides with the MILF, rather than with government men, especially those who have fallen in the battlefield.

He punctuated as exasperation on the Aquino move, that is next to demanding from him an apology.

This is unbelievable, he remarked in Pilipino, “Pambihira naman yung ganun.”

* * * *

On the same matter, read these piercing words of Manila-based columnist, whose identity and paper I failed to record, sorry. But I’ll try checking tomorrow. I quote him “President Aquino 3rd’s sudden reference to an “alternative truth” to the massacre of 44 Special Action For troops in Mamasapano convinces me – again – that there is something deeply wrong in this person’s psyche.”

Whew … “Deeply wrong psyche.” Scathing. Weeeh ..!

And there’s more, “Aquino should be impeached, and after stepping down from office in 2016, he should be jailed for his complicity in the operations that resulted in 44 SAF troops massacred.”

His right-hand man, Manuel Roxas 2nd, could have intervened to save the police’s SAF, since the PNP was after all under his responsibility, as chairman of the National Police Commission. According to his sworn statements in the Senate hearings he was told of the operation early morning, and by mid-morning of the SAF’s difficulties. He didn’t lift a finger to give the SAF troops aid, even as he was with Aquino the whole day.”

* * * *

The BBL, a peace tool?

Who do you think is/are the authority/ies to say so, for according to Pres. Aquino, it is.

To me, the authorities are the men on the field. And retired generals, including Aquino friends and some who were even members of his Cabinet security cluster, say  the BBL will not bring peace, as they jointly and severally issued a manifesto, still paying for it as newspaper ads.

The signatories came from the military, police, Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, Bureau of Fire Protection and other uniformed services who said that the BBL is not the solution to the age-old conflicts in Mindanao.