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Friday, 18 September 2015 11:46

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol

Last Tuesday, rain started to fall in Zamboanga City but not the whole day. It was intermittent, A few hours in the morning then another few hours in the afternoon and in the early evening. The result after those rains was alarmingly disastrous. All rivers within the city proper, swelled to an enormous level and water spilled over to many city streets, rendering those roads impassable and dirty. The worst part is most of those flooded streets are within the city proper. Stores and some schools were forced to close because they are partly underwater. Classes in almost all schools were suspended. My friend Tatak RMN manager Joel Sanson, in his radio program, blamed the overflow of rain water into the city streets on the drainage project of the government within the city proper which started many months ago and has remained unfinished until today, so much so it has blocked the passage of rain water from the city streets into the sea near the Fort Pilar. This could not have happened if the contractor has completed his job on schedule.The City Government must investigate this contractor  for this problem that has caused inconvenience and lost of income, to many people,  not to count the cost to the government for all the damages to properties and the early  response of government manpower and supply.

* * * *

One other main reasons why some portion of usable drainage is not working is that the drainage canal is filled with displosed plastic bags, fruit peelings and all sorts pf trashes thrown by street sweepers and residents into the “drain holes” of those drainage canals. Street sweepers are mostly to blame for throwing the trashes they collected from the streets. It is either they are lazy to gather and throw them into their rolling garbage bin before putting the garbages into a disposal area. But, it is not happening because, it is noted,everyday they shove those collected trashes into the drainage holes. The City Environment Office, formerly the General Service Office (GSO), should call all the street sweepers in a conference and inform them not and never to throw their trashes collected from the city streets into those drainage holes.

* * * *

Barangay officials who also hired their own barangay street sweepers must admonish them not to throw their collected trashes into the drainage holes which should be kept open and free of trashes for water to flow freely in times of flooding. They should set an example so residents who are without manners will not follow suit. In my place in Suterville subdivision, I was informed many times  that they saw a street sweeper dumping his collected garbage into a drainage hole and when the drainage hole is full, he throws the rest of his collected garbage into an empty space along the street of the subdivision and Barangay San Jose Gusu.  Barangay San Jose Gusu Chairman Esteban and your “kagawads” please look into this garbage disposal problem by some “trisikad” drivers in our barangay, They are a “pain in the ass” to the barangay and are obstructing our cleanliness program. Or better still “don’t spare the rod and spoil the child”.

* * * *

Scoop: After over 30 years of writing a newspaper column in our local newspapers, I feel like age is catching me up and I forgot to mention one special friend, that we missed during the birthday and resort opening of forner District 2 Congressman Erbie Fabian last September 12. The Hanazono boys missed the presence of Architect Ben Gonzales at the party. The party could have been livelier with your presence Ben Gonzales, my partner. Sorry Ben, but please agree.