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Saturday, 19 September 2015 13:40



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…Tekel: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting…” (Daniel 5:27, the Holy Bible).

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NEW CAMPAIGN BASED ON CLEAR PROGRAMS: I am certainly awed that the Grace Poe-Chiz Escudero tandem made it a point to highlight their 20 priorities if and when they get elected president and vice president of the country in the aftermath of the 2016 elections.

Candidates talking about what their platforms and intended projects would be are a rarity in the Philippine politics for a long, long time. Filipino electorates have been made to bear with character assassinations and personal issues every election time since time immemorial, but never with issues and the things winning candidates will pursue once they get elected.

Grace Poe and Chiz Escudero certainly raised the bar of political campaigning with their very announcements of their respective candidacies, and no matter how Malacanang may try to downgrade what the two did Wednesday and Thursday by saying they also did what Poe and Chiz had done, it is like a fresh whiff of air to hear that concrete programs are being talked about this early.

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GRACE, CHIZ: WEIGHED AND STILL WANTING? Yet, as the Biblical prophet Daniel told Belshazzar, the king of the Babylonians who was given a dream of a hand writing cryptic messages on the walls of his palace, it is indubitable that there is still something greatly wanting about Poe and Chiz that may yet doom their candidacies or, if they manage to win, their term of office.

I noticed that, except for a brief reference to God at the end of Grace’s speech, there was absolutely no plan or program in her vision of governance touching on reviving the spirituality of Filipinos regardless of religion. In the part of Chiz’s speech that I caught, I also did not hear anything about spirituality.

This, to me, is highly unfortunate, and may yet signal another failed campaign, or failed governance (if and when they win and overcome the machinations of those holding the power of computerized elections, if you know what I mean), for there is really nothing of substance or significance that anyone can do in six years that he or she is in power, other than renewing the spirituality of people.

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FILIPINOS NEED TRUE SPIRITUAL REVIVAL FROM LEADERS: Yes, we maybe able to reduce corruption, crime and criminality, smuggling, foreign domination and aggression, and even political and territorial meddling, and many more, in six years. Yes, we can perhaps terrorize those in public service to do good for once. But unless and until there is a true and sincere spiritual change among our people, nothing lasts forever, not even the earth and sky, in fact.

Consequently, any president or vice president wanting to leave a real legacy to a nation of troubled compatriots must aspire beyond the earthly and the mundane day to day concerns of the flesh and of materiality. The president and his (or her) vice president must endeavor to lead our people to a true relationship with God, based on regular reading of His Bible and obedience to His commands.

This is the only way we can assure that under any and all circumstance, Filipinos will stand upright and do what is good and just and righteous, even when no one is looking, even when no one seems to care. This is the only way we can expect government officials not to steal and plunder, not to abuse and lie, nor cheat in any way, even if they are left all alone to themselves.

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