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Saturday, 19 September 2015 13:42

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

The past three days were after all not that politically dreary as I felt. I started finding out when an innocent post on the facebook wall of Tita Torralba-Acuña appeared and that drew my curiosity. Tita’s post spoke of some incumbent councilors who had allegedly shifted sides from Cong. Celso Lobregat’s to that of Mayor Beng’s. So that moved me to ask around. This morning I bumped into one, who has knowledge of the story. But he spoke on condition of anonymity, agreeing though for me to divulge that he part-times in media. Accordingly, it was Climaco who went on television giving her side on the issue. He said, Climaco spoke in the vernacular and in her typical teary-eyed style, but I will relate it in English, so not only chabacano-speaking  Zamboangueños and of those other origins will understand.

To the effect, she said, “I did not invite anybody to come to our side. They volunteered to join up. So, what is there for anyone to blame me for? Simply, that was it. But ...

. . . Hey, hey hey. There’s more to it than meets the eye. It is in the manner my friend described the scenario that gave the matter a little tickling twist. In chavacano, he said, “El modo de combersada di Beng, como siempre aquel style de llura llura. (She spoke in her typical sobbing forte.)

Then again, it did not end there. My friend continued, enterprising newsmen or were they techs, added the naughty part to the setting. In the replay of the Beng news clip the following day, they played in the background the sound of a crying baby

And that gives the hearty laugh. Kudos to E-Media. You guys are indeed revolutionary.

* * * *

I have his name now, Rigoberto Tiglao. It was who bitingly spoke of Pres. Noynoy this-a-way. “There is really something wrong in this person’s psyche… he should be impeached, and when he steps down from office, be jailed.”

Stinging words, don’t you think so?

* * * *

And such spicy Tiglao, Bongbong Marcos and some other personalities’ criticisms of Pnoy’s “alternative truth” must have straightened the “person’s psyche”. He now licks his own spat out saliva. Read on. “It’s final. The alternative version of the Mamasapano incident is baseless and irrelevant based on the results of the investigation conducted by the government, President Aquino declared on Thursday.: (MB)

In a live address coming from the Palace, the president pronounced that terror suspect Marwan was killed by the Special Action Force (SAF) troopers, not the MILF or any other group as based on the alternative account of the PNP mission in January last.

He also admitted it was purely a SAF accomplishment leaving no doubt Marwan’s finger was sliced off by a SAF man.

Now, that can only come from a leveled-up “person’s psyche”. And it had to take tweets upon tweets for the correction.

* * * *

The honeymoon appears as clear as ice, as the scenario looks scripted. In announcing her presidential bid, Sen. Grace Poe praised PNoy to high heavens, even thanked him for “returning people’s trust to their top leader.

Now this. A quid pro quo? “PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd on Thursday said he harbors no ill feelings over Sen. Grace Poe’s declaration of her intention to run for President next year, noting that the lawmaker even sent him a text message promising that she will not bash his administration to score brownie points.

“We’re thankful that she gave us credit, particularly in fighting corruption. If that is also their objective, I don’t see any reason to get angry with them. Eventually, it’s the people who will decide who deserves to continue treading the straight path [daang matuwid],” the President said in Filipino.(MB)

Imagine, Poe, as revealed by PNoy even promised that he would hear no attack coming from her during the campaign.

Does this mean, Poe is off the hook on the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) citizenship issue in exchange for something perhaps.

* * * *

With the Aquino-Poe honeymoon clear, how does that leave the Administration-backed Liberal Party. Anyone smells division in its ranks and file? I can feel it. Watch, “Like spurned, sourgraping suitors, Liberal Party (LP) lawmakers chided Senator Grace Poe for stating “motherhood statements” in detailing her platform of government and for offering the “Daang Matuwid” policy but leaving its captain, President Aquino, out of the loop.

Overnight, Aquino allies turned Poe’s critics.

“Copy-paste. It is the same programs of the current administration,” Eastern Samar Rep. Ben Evardone, said of Poe’ s lengthy speech at the UP Bahay  ng Alumni in Quezon City Wednesday.”

Cavite Rep. Elpidio Barzaga Jr., conforming that the platform presented by Poe is nothing new, hinted it is virtually a re-hash to that of the LP’s.

He added, he is looking forward for her to lay down the concrete steps of how her commitment would be realized. He mocked her Motherhood statements as a tiresome refrain to the ears of the voters.

The split in ranks could be in the offing. Abangan.

On the sides, that “tiresome motherhood” phrase rings a bell in my ears. If it does, too in yours, please know why.

* * * *

It’s also final. Chiz Escudero is the running mate of Sen. Grace Poe. The declaration was made by no less than himself yesterday at the Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan..

And it was Poe who proclaimed Escudero, her long-time friend and a political ally, as her running mate, acclaiming him to be the solo congressman who faced then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s administration without fear of losing congressional funding for his district.

* * * *

As expected lawyers of former  President and now Pampanga Mayor GMA now mouth the lines of Senate Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile’s own lawyers..

As Enrile, who is facing plunder charges, was granted bail for temporary release from detention, so merits GMA, and should also be granted bail, under similar circumstances.

And it happens, Arroyo is not asking for bail, but simply that her current custodial arrangement be modified into a house arrest.

“Citing the Supreme Court’s August 18 landmark resolution that granted Enrile bail, her lawyers pointed out that the high court declared that: “Bail for the provisional liberty of the accused, regardless of the crime charged, should be allowed independently of the merits of the charge, provided his continued incarceration is clearly shown to be injurious to his health or to endanger his life.” (MB)