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Saturday, 19 September 2015 13:43

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol

National media reports say that, allegedly the government of China will sabotage the 2016 Philippine national election. In what  manner was not elaborated. Admittedly, China has the capacity to make true in their alleged threat, considering that the Philippines is controlled economically by Filipino-Chinese. Owners of big businesses listed in the Forbes Magazine as among the richest men in the world from the Philippines are either naturalized Filipino-Chinese or Chinese citizens with special business arrangement with the Philippines. Many Filipinos are not “pure” blooded Malay Filipinos, they are of Chinese descent. Even our present President Simeon Benigno Cojuangco Aquino III (Pnoy) has Chinese blood in his veins. Many Chinese in the country have already assimilated and integrated with Filipino families and except for a few, they speak the Filipino language aside from their native tongue. Many Chinese-Filipinos or Chinamen in the country are deeply loyal to their native land even if they are already born in the Philippines. One good example is, on marriage, a Filipino male will have a very hard time marrying a Chinese girl, except on extreme cases for convenience or for business or citizenship. These are hard facts but true because it happened.

* * * *

China has always been interested with the Philippines, since time immemorial. They have been trading with Filipinos when there was no Philippine government to talk about. Limahong, the Chinese pirate, history reveals, even landed in our shores.China’s interest with the Philippines is more on business during those times. In the middle 60s, when activism in the countrysides and universities was at its climax, activists were called “Maoist” from the name of Mao Tse Tung, the “father of Chinese Communism” who toppled the democratic government of Sun Yat Sen and  whose government also allegedly was funding the activists of “Maoist” in the country. Mao’s Red Book was the bible of activists, translated to American English in verses like a poem. Red Book is always against “capitalism”, “imperialism”. But, when Mao Tse Tung died, they jailed his widow and China became the biggest capitalist and businessmen in the world and the most aggressive imperialist by claiming some established isles and shoals of the Philippines in the West Philippine Sea and an island territory, Shinjuku of Japan.

* * * *

The Philippines’ resentment to the Chinese aggressive moves at the Scarborough Shoals by constructing structures and facilities allegedly for military purposes angered the Chinese government and allegedly threatened to sabotage our coming 2016 Presidential election because they suspect that most of our candidates if they win, will pursue the stand of objection against China’s invasion of our sovereignty. China will not allow such objection and vowed to protect their development in those shoals at all cost, because they believethe isles and shoals of the West Philippine Sea or West China Sea they claimed are theirs by historical rights. Also the Philippines’ protest lodged at the International Court in Hague,Netherlands, was against China’s proposition to settle the matter between the two countries since it was purely an internal matter and China proposed for a joint development of the areas in conflict. This and many more might be the reasons if China will sabotage the 2016 Presidential Election. In the meantime, amidst this conflict,Chinese products continue to flood our market — from foodstuff, to textiles, to electronic gadgets and vehicles, poultry products and all products you can think of are for sale in our malls, convenient stores, groceries and even sari-sari stores, all made in China. Lamentably even illegal drugs like “shabu” are manufactured in secret factories in the country by Chinese syndicates.

* * * *

‘The alleged interference and sabotage plan of China of the Philippines 2016 election can only be stopped or aborted if the rich Chinese businessmen in the country will intercede for the country. If not, then the alleged Chinese sabotage plan of our country’s democratic election is sure to happen. Table Talk has one suggestion for China. Since they are expert “hackers”, why don’t they sobotage and hack the Smart PCOS machines so the cheaters will not win? The entire Filipino people will be happy and thankful to China for sabotaging an evil election by some powerful groups. Agree or disagree.