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Monday, 21 September 2015 14:06

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

It is not standard that one starts his writeup with an erratum, but this time I have to do it to make an all-important correction in my first item yesterday.

Writing that the fiancée of Monggueh Gan’s son Lenin allegedly comes from a Tan Usman family of Jolo is entirely a mistake. The error was committed due to the information one member in the Gan “cabinet” fed to us. His identity ,to avoid embarrassment, I opt to conceal. Accordingly, he got the earlier published family name from his surfing of the net. But it turned out wrong. I’m sorry for the mistake. The info was a big blunder.

But having joined up in the 8-man entourage that trooped to the fiancée’s family abode in Sta. Maria, Saturday I now know the true details. The bride-to-be is Maria Corazon Katrina Lim, daughter of Maria Matilde Lim of Basilan, formerly in Isabela and eventually moving to Lamitan until their migrating here some long years ago. The Lim family head, however, Santiago, is deceased. Wedding date, as researched with church elders, and jointly chosen by groom-to-be and mother Virgie, is set on the 20th of the love month of February 2016.

The Gan fiancée is a registered nurse and had recently returned from Switzerland, where she worked earlier.

The elder Lim, Matilde, struck our group as an altogether devout Christian. She broke to tears even before the dialogue began. She said she seeing our group, she was reminded of her late husband and father. She, however regained composure soon and even initiated the dialogue.

The talks ended with a short trip to Minsang’s Canelar eatery, where we were joined by the rest of the Gan “cabinet”. Cabinet is what we call the group that conducts daily sessions for a couple of brown and Light beer bottles, highlighted by exchange of pleasantries and ideas and laughter, led by Chairman  Monggueh, the noticed wide-reader of religious, literary and philosophical writings.

* * * *

From all indications that Friday bomb blast that claimed the life of an 11-old girl, and resulting to serious injuries of  32 others, could have been precluded.

As early as the 12th of this month, we have come to know, Biel operators were already forewarned of its execution in the event their demands are not met. For fear of possibly getting into the way of police investigations in to the case, and as not in an authority on the mater, I choose to keep details of the threat to myself.

What is of importance in this piece is that it is established, the Biel operators were warned of it and did their part right after to report the matter to the police.

As the threat was wantonly carried out, it can only mean nobody lifted a finger to try and abort it.

Pardon me, I lay the blame largely on police authorities, and in some ways, too, to the bus operators, forgive me as they are personal friends. I just can’t help but say it for so innocent civilians suffered uselessly.

Basically, we  cannot expect the police to pack the Biel Transit with personnel as security officers; for one, the police are undermanned and are duty-bound to serve other sectors of city. But the police, knowing that the bus operators are not security-minded, untrained as they are, they should have simply advised them on what to do to try and avert the tragedy.

For one, they could have simply required the operators to provide men to frisk all passengers when boarding their buses. Maybe one in their Labuan terminal and one in the City terminal. They do not even have to hire private security guards. Just cloth any of their personnel with properly identifiable uniforms, That’s it. At least, only persons could have done it. When guarded, no one in their proper mind, trained terrorist elements notwithstanding, will ever dare board a vehicle the way that hooded ruffian brazenly did, as caught in a privately-installed CCTV camera.

And surely trained as they are, they would have better suggestions than mine. Agree or disagree?

* * * *

If one Marlon V. Ronquillio, a columnist writing for The Manila Times is to be believed, Sen. Grace Poe is a sure winner in the 2016 presidential race. Wrote he, “THAT Senator Poe will coast to the presidency surrounded by her stars, the dollar billionaires and all the assorted political turncoats cum opportunists who have lined up behind her presidential quest is a real possibility. Poe’s coalition of celebrities, super wealthy and big-name politicians is about to make the ruling coalition, the Liberal Party, look like a shell, like Britain’s Labor Party during the time of Neil Kinnock.

Ronquillo explains that the surge of the days-old Poe announcement is attracting so broad a coalition means that  Poe is the perceived winner. Further he states, “ … you know the mind-set of Filipinos, … who want power or those who want affinity with the powerful. For vested interests or for personal reasons, they want to be with the winner. She has leaped past the early favorite, Mr. Binay, in the polling. Mr. Roxas, the LP candidate, does not have a ray of hope were we to base his chances on the initial polling results.

Second chance thinking. As servant leader Monsi dela Cruz, is a declared Nationalist People’s Coalition’s (NPC) anointed congressional bet, that would definitely be a plus factor for him.

At the moment, the two front runners for the mayorship here would  not even touch Monsi with a 10-foot pole. But going by the assessment of writer Ronquillio, is that typical Filipino mindset applicable in this city?

If  it would to some Zamboangueño politicians, expect then that Monsi will soon enough have a mayoral bet with a full line-up in tow, except for the Dist. 1 congressional slot ready for his taking. Bears watching.

* * * *

How can a non-NPC leader make us believe him. Vicente Millora, president of the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL), is saying that contrary to reports that the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) is throwing its support to the candidacy of Sen. Grace Poe in the 2016 elections, a party ally said this would change if Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. decides to join the presidential derby.

As Marcos is allied to the Nacionmalista Party (NP), to me, this is seemingly unbelievable, recalling too well that earlier he and lawyer Oliver Lozano said they will present Marcos and Rodrigo Duterte a joint manifesto from the KBL and was it Partidong Manggagawa at Magsasaka (PMM) endorsing a Marcos-Duterte tandem. It never happened. Did it?

In any case though, seemingly confident of what they are saying, these KBL and PMM leaders just might be speaking the truth. Who knows. I get this latest feeing because as I had written one time, Nonie Dondoyano had said, he heard on TV that Marcos was to make his announcement on the 20th of this month. Remember? Now, read this and judge if they do have some knowledge of the Marcos moves, “Millora claimed that Marcos was supposed to make an announcement on Sunday, September 20, at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan but the event was cancelled. It is probably going to be done on September 27,” he said, adding that the event would coincide with 150th birth anniversary of Filipino patriot, Gen. Miguel Malvar, grandfather of PMM president Jose Malvar Villegas.

Asked on why the Ilocano lawmaker deserves their support, Villegas said that Marcos is the only candidate who opposed the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) which they think is “a sell-out of our patrimony to a foreign country like Malaysia who brokered the BBL with the present administration.”(TMT)

On that, I fully agree. And that is where Bongbong impresses me much.

* * * *

Stalwarts of the ruling Liberal Party (LP) seem frantic in downplaying the so-called mass defection of local officials and administration lawmakers to support the team up of Senators Grace Poe and Francis “Chiz” Escudero for 2016 elections.

“Eastern Samar Rep. Ben Evardone and Oriental Mindoro Rep. Reynaldo Umali belittled the exodus of their allies to the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC), which is reportedly keen on supporting Poe and Escudero, saying many local leaders are also defecting to the ruling party.” (TMT)

Caloocan Rep. Edgar Erice, another LP leader branded the story as a mere propaganda of the camp of Senator Poe and Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero, saying that everybody knows the Senator Chiz’s camp is good in that kind of gimmickry even before.

Erice, the LP political affairs adviser, claimed the NPC, the second largest political party in the country, has repeatedly tried but failed to recruit LP members into its fold..

On other hand, however, NPC spokesperson and Quezon Rep. Mark Enverga confirmed that 30 percent of NPC’s 200 new members were from LP while 50 percent are from the National Unity Party and the rest from the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).

As to who is/are to be believed, is better left for time to tell.