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Tuesday, 22 September 2015 11:49

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

“The city government of Zamboanga city is offering a P200,000 reward to whoever can provide information that may lead to the arrest of the suspect in the explosion inside a passenger bus in Zamboanga city Friday afternoon.” (DZT)

For a reward to be given as announced, is definitely impressive. But for a crime as condemnable as that which occurred at the Biel bus terminal, the amount of P200,000 does not seem attractive. With that amount, it would be very difficult to draw in takers. Normally, it is common that whenever there is a credible informant, he is an insider. That being the case, authorities will find it hard raking in squealers.

I suggest, considering the good financial standing of the city government, the amount be raised to a magnetizing sum.

With an appealing sum for a reward; rest assured, a stool pigeon will without doubt bite and turn traitor even to a co-bandit.

* * * *

A member of the Monggueh “cabinet”, who frequently commutes from Labuan to town and back agrees that the Biel Transit company should not rely solely on police authorities for the security and of their buses, and more so of their passengers and workforce.

Safety of the latter rests in their hands as the police are undermanned and have other duties and responsibilities to attend to.

Tiago, the cabinet member-commuter even recalls gratifyingly, the bus company during the infamous Zamboanga siege, did a yeoman’s job in seeing to the security and safety of their passengers and workers. He says on their own they undertook security measures by employing their own personnel to frisk and check the belongings of mounting passengers.

And in all those times, we never heard of any untoward incident even under those trying times when we heard of rumors of gun-wielding elements from del Norte side sneaking into our boundaries. For sure, they would have been tempted to board their buses with hidden firearms in tow so as to reinforce their comrades in town, who in their heels, the military were chasing.

And surely, the Biel Transit’s security measures just could have thwarted the bad elements’ plans. Hopefully, the Biels would undertake similar steps now as that they employed during the dark day of the insurgency, as I readily call it.

* * * *

The police had also released a cartographic sketch of the suspect in the bombing based on eyewitnesses accounts.

Nice hearing that, too. But one piece of curiosity comes into mind. Hardly has there been a case wherein a cartographic sketch has helped the police bag a culprit.

To my readings, cartographic sketches help only if the drawn image is on file at the police gallery. If no record of the person portrayed in the sketch is available and is at large, pinpointing the guy would be next to impossible.

* * * *

I do admire the guts and thinking of this lady contributor who wrote a letter to the editor that appeared in Daily Zamboanga Times and on-line in the Sun-Star. She is Michelle Gonzales, a resident, Barangay Putik, Zamboanga City. Here is a portion of her piece,

“We are not ignorant to the issue in Mindanao, even decades ago, everything is clear about the drama these bandits bring to us especially when it comes to the barbaric acts of the Abu Sayyaf Group. They are merciless and unfeeling.

It makes me very angry every time I hear news about them killing people again and again. It is like a cycle already that goes on and on that lives within us that

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