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Wednesday, 23 September 2015 11:03

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol

In two instances, Zamboanga Del Sur’s strong man, Governor Antonio H. Cerilles contributed his opinion by way of a suggestion on two topics I wrote. One about the Sabah Malaysia issue and the other on the sub-standard construction of the city’s river control protection projects and school buildings. His suggestions and comments are all in my Face Book account. They form part of my reference and “wisdom guide” , which Table Talk believe is a very important suggestion, coming from a personality of wide experience, wisdom and a former Cabinet Secretary  of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)—  Former Congressman of Zambo Sur’s District 2 for many intermittent terms and now Governor of Zamboanga Del Sur. He is the son of the late Vicente M. Cerilles,(they call him manager) also the former Congressman and governor of Zamboanga Del Sur. During manager’s time, Zamboanga Del sur was undivided. It includes Zamboanga Sibugay,  City of Zamboanga and Province of Basilan. His wife, Aurora “Auring” Enerio Cerilles is Congress Representative of Zamboanga Del Sur’s District 2. She is also the daughter of former Zamboanga Del Sur Congressman (undivided) the late Canuto Enerio and whose wife Tentay Enerio was vice governor of Zamboanga Del Sur. Their son, Ace Cerilles is Municipal Mayor of vote rich Dumalinao, Zamboanga Del Sur, while his brother-in-law, and brother of Auring,  Boy Enerio is mayor of  tourist destination Lakewood Municipality. These are some of the qualities of a man who shared his opinion with Table Talk.

* * * *

The following are his comments that I “copy-paste”, “Correction! Sabah my friend could have been ours if not for the lies delivered by a Senator entitled “JABIDAH”, a massacre of our Muslim brothers in Corregidor which the National Historical Commission has officiallly said that it was a HOAX and it never happened. The Jabidah speech was the start of the Mindanao PROBLEM!” and  “The contractor should be BLACKLISTED and the City Councilors should investigate this issue in aid of legislation its a question of how many years of guarantee from the contractor or other remedial measures!

* *  * *

Indeed, Zamboanga City’s problem is also Zamboanga Del Sur’s problem because of a “spill over” due to their proximity to the city. The Peninsula is only divided by political boundaries and anybody can just come and go, now that the highway is fully concreted and connected to the rest of Mindanao. Perhaps one day, with the concerted efforts of Mindanao leaders, a train railway will be constructed and we could see Mindanao by train, like Europe. For now, the concrete highways are in place and we hope it will last unlike some of the city infra-projects that for a little rain it destructs.

* * * *

Governor’s Cerilles comment is included “en toto” in this column for guidance and information and this never happened in his province. All infra-projects once completed goes with it a guarantee for how many years from the contractor. His Provincial Engineer, Engr. Tony Laurenciana, a personal friend and who hails from Basilan Province, says, in all provincial projects, Governor Cerilles is the “capatas”, “he inspects projects anytime without notice” and “defects on the project are done right away”. Governor Cerilles is “hands-on” on his projects. The on-going coastal road, connecting the Municipalities of Kumalarang, passing Lapuyan, Margosatubig and to the rest of the Banganyan Peninsula, cut travel time by over 3 hours, aside from the fact that municipalities are now interlinked and a boon to farmers and fishermen since their products can be transported to better markets with a better buying price. Without this coastal road, travelling to the Municipality of Kumalarang is via pumpboats through the Dumanquilas Bay with big waves when the North wind strikes. Today even with a single motorcycle you can reach Kumalaranga from the municipalities of Lapuyan, San Miguel, Margosatubig, Guipos and as far as Dinas, Dimataling, Vincenzo Sagun, Pitogo and the rest of the Baganyan municipalities.

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Pound per pound, although some of the on-going construction are not yet concreted but passable in all weather condition. The coastal road is guaranteed by a Republic Act and its concreting will happen in a few years. One thing better is that it is open to travel and traffic with wide roads and road canals are being constructed to protect the road from flowing rain water. It is indeed an improvement for many municipalities that were considered “very rural” a few years back. Now it is with electric service. What Table Talk noticed, Governor is, in Barangay Maruing of Lapuyan, where I normally stay when I go home and where the wide coastal road passes has electric service but no potable water system. This is the clamor of the 99 percent Subanen barangay that was once a municipality during the time of President Diosdado Macapagal.

with a water system, that Barangay will boom.


Scoop: Come to Zamboanga Del Sur and see the difference if the last time you were there was ten years ago. If you plan to buy a farm there, be informed that the price of land increased ten fold because of the coastal road, but, some are still willing to sell for agricultural venture, for the right price. This is not a commercial only for your information. Agree or disagree but see before you talk.