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Wednesday, 23 September 2015 11:05

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Surely, this is not what is termed as crab mentality, but definitely this is one other kind of such mentality typical of some people.

When Zamboanga was plagued with hours upon hours of power outages, so many howled and bowled Zamcelco GM George Ledesma over and over, even if the power problem was not Zamelco’s handiwork but that of the Iligan-based National Power Corporation (NPC) and /or of  the National Grid Corp. of the Phil. (NGCP).

It would have been different if the problems were such as those of mismanagement, non-payment of delivered power, poor billing efforts, systems loss and the likes thereof.

But now, that power is ready at hand, nobody is heard to even whisper acclaim on Ledesma.

Let us also be fair, folks. Give credit to where credit is due.

So, I say, good work, GM George. You’re going great guns.

* * * *

Yesterday was it or the other day, when the local media blurted out reports of big travel spending of city councilors, topped by Councilor Roel Natividad whose travel expenses reached a whooping P624,723 followed by Councilor Myra Paz Abubakar with P586,354 in second place and Percival Ramos at number third with P561,164.

It is just fitting, too, that Councilor Charlie Mariano  issued this call “In the spirit of transparency and fairness, City Hall should also publish the listing of all the travels made by city officials including the city mayor, executive assistants and other officials.” (Nonong Santiago/ZT)

And I agree that there should be equal treatment on the report of the various travels and expenses incurred by both branches of the city government.

At present you will note’ Mayor Isabelle Climaco Salazar including some councilors, and several other officials in tow are now in China for the 12th China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO).

* * * *

When late, the old saying goes, better late than never. The new phrase now is, if you agree, better never late. But on this matter, I adopt the old saying.

Though a bit late, chancing upon a published item only this morning, Sound Snipings takes time to congratulate Debra Anne Marcos Ponce, BSAc II for having won in what I remember as a national extemporaneous speech contest. I am sure proud mother, Nora and hubby, ZCSPC president and University Professor, respectively hand in hand stand pompous behind the triumph.

Winning with Debra, as shown in a photo, was a pleasingly poised young man who also brought honor not only to their school, but to the entire city as well.

I’m just so sorry, oversight took the better of me in my haste this morning, and I overlooked recording his name. Sorry. Here’s hoping I get the chance to get to again get hold of that morning paper I read, so I can give him proper credit, too. And better still, if someone knows his name, please text me, 0975 873 8965 or call 926 3827.

* * * *

Though I never took note of it, I am very pleased that the NBI and City Police heads are both quick to the draw. Separately they issued public apologies for what Muslim religious leaders described as a derogatory statement to their people describing the suspected bomber of a passenger bus last Friday as “Muslim type”.

NBI Regional Director Atty. Ferdinand Lavin took full responsibility for what was truly an oversight, explaining that the phrase was included in the sketch as quoted from one of the witnesses to aid NBI operatives in the investigation. And changes on testimonies cannot be made as it may baffle investigating operatives, he explained.

On the same breath, City Police Director, Sr. Supt. Angelito Casimiro also issued similar apologetic statements before the ulamas who trooped to City Hall in protest to the caption on the cartographic sketch.

To both officials, I take off my hat and execute a hand salute. Power up, gentlemen.

* * * *

Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, Chairman of the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) had so spoken openly. SENATOR Grace Poe is a naturalized Filipino citizen and not a natural born Filipino citizen, explaining that Poe, a foundling, cannot be natural born because it would violate Article 4, Section 1 (5) of the Constitution.

And under the 1987 constitution, a presidential candidate must be a natural born citizen of the Philippines.

While the SET has not issued its official ruling, Justice Carpio is not only the chairman of SET, he is the most senior and most knowledgeable in the body, so his opinion will carry weight on the decision of its members.

Poe is not eligible for president. So, where does that predicament leave Sen. Poe?

Hold your reins. Some scenarios may come into play.

For one, the SET decision is not seen as final. It is not the highest judicial body in the country. The Supreme Court is. Quite definitely, Poe counsels may buy for time. Elevating the matter up may serve the purpose. Perhaps, if they so choose, course it first to the Court of  Appeals, if possible, then later to the Supreme Court.

There again, is where the Aquino factor may come in as the honeymoon was seemingly premeditated. Quid pro quo. He may use his influence somewhere and take the case up to election time. If and when Poe wins, the fight is over, born of a simple justification. The people have spoken. The voice of the people is the voice of God. Case closed.

Poe is president. Aquino will not go the way of Erap, GMA, et al.

* * * *

PNoy ended up being made to look like a fool. Atty. Dodo Dulay, writing for the TMT, says “PNOY’S announcement that the “alternative narrative” in the Mamasapano massacre had, in fact, no basis is an implied admission that he was duped not only by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) but also by his own military. “Nakuryente,” as media practitioners would say.”

You will recall, PNoy made a seemingly harmless statement by there was an alternative version of events that happened during the Mamasapano encounter, explaining they were still looking for witnesses that will prove or disprove certain observations in order to ferret out the “complete truth” behind the tragedy.

Apparently, Dulay noted. PNoy was fed a cock-and-bull story on who rally killed Marwan. Inview threof, the fictitious tale appeared to PNoy was convincing not only to disregard the findings of the Senate and Philippine National Police (PNP)’s Board of Inquiry but also to order an investigation into this so-called “alternative version of events.”

Soon after, Dulay continued, Mohagher Iqbal came out with a bombshell allegation that Marwan was executed by his own bodyguards.

So, duped as PNoy was, he licked his own spat out saliva, debunking his own “alternative truth” falsity, making one columnist describing him this-a-way “There is something deeply wrong in this person’s psyche. He should be impeached, and when he steps down, jail him.

* * * *

While Sen. Grace Poe continues to top the presidential surveys, do I get it that her own anointed vice presidential bet does not believe in it?

I am just perplexed by the statement of Sen. Chiz Escudero over the method the SWS used in the latest Social Weather Station (SWS) presidential preference survey, “Surveys serve as a guide to all candidates … I just don’t understand why SWS insists on doing a ‘choose 3’ survey in a ‘one-on-one’ position,” he said in a GMA News Online report.

Accordingly, the survey asked the respondents to give three names of people they see as “good leaders to succeed” President Aquino.

He continued “The outcome might not be the same for a different question like choose one.”

In any case, while it tends to show disapproval of Pope’s ratings, he does have a point, I have to agree.

Trillanes, on the other hand, who is a phantom in all surveys, said the survey only gave false hopes to candidates who are lagging behind.

According to him, the survey has no use at all except for propaganda purposes.

Further, this he claimed “You can spin it just like how the Roxas camp does it. They can make it appear that they’re getting there, that they’re already neck and neck or that they have overtaken Vice President Binay,” he said.