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Thursday, 24 September 2015 15:06


BY Sarita Sebastian

Good News to my fellow Zamboangueños, our kind hearted compoblanos now based in Manila through  La Hermandad Zamboanga and the  generous Engr. Bong Nuño ( son of Tio Aman and Tia Lilia Nuño ) signified their intention to set up the arrival counter at the Zamboanga International Airport. The said plan  will be realized by October 1, 2015 as the city celebrates its  Festival  engrande  “Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2015.”

To facilitate the project, an airport booth competition was recently held at the college of architecture headed by a good friend Arch Boboy Abarro. Three winners were chosen out of the seven entries submitted. This writer had an opportunity to attend the simple event as per instruction from Her Honor the Mayor Beng Climaco through a text message relayed by the mayor’s staff Silvie .This writer was one of the judges along with Bro Jojo Sicat , Head of the City Planning Dept, Arch Rodel Falcasantos from the engineer’s Office ( architecture division ), Ms. Pamela Ledesma Meily (beautiful Zamboangueña ) representing La Hermandad, Cory Reyes along with her buddy from the CAAP and of course Kuya Bong.

During the deliberation,the motif of the booth was thoroughly discussed with emphasis on the different cultures in the city. Colors and structures were taken into consideration to use  as  reference point in choosing the winners for the airport booth design.

The winners were Jsean B. Badar ( 1st placer ), Nur Aisa L. Madjales  ( 2nd Placer ) and Lennon John S. Repole ( 3rd Placer).Others who have joined the competition were Japheth P. Abellar, Frenzce Mark Lanticsi, Ralph Spencer Codoy and Archie Cadorna. Cash Prizes and medals were given to the winners.  Thanks to Arch Faith Inchiong- Hernandez for helping out in the competition.

According to Kuya Bong, the output of the final design ( for implementation ) will be a combination of the designs submitted.His group  will make things possible to be able to beat with the target date which is October 1,2015.Thanks to WMSU and CAAP for the support .

Meantime, the city tourism office will have to prepare plan A and B with regard to the operation  of the said counter or booth, considering the limited number of staff assigned in the Office. But do not get me wrong baby, we  greatly appreciate the initiative. Infact, it has been in the pipeline for thousands of years, but because of government red tape, the planned arrival counter resulted to nothing.That is  the difference between transacting in the government and the private sector.When you are in the government, you need to deal with all the sh-ts while in the private sector..everything happens so fast, “quicky”  as what Allen Abastillas and Roy Ramos (my editor) would always say..lol! El cejas Reng!