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Thursday, 24 September 2015 15:09

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Quintin Yeo is Gen. Rintintin to the members of the Monggueh morning and nightly buddies that we call the “Cabinet”, with the latter our Chairman.

The general, a full-blooded Zamboangueño is now based in Manila, but frequently comes to Zamboanga and goes to some other parts of the country for joint business and pleasure trips.

One of his latest travels here was to attend the recent funeral of his younger brother, Badong of the famed Master Bakers chain of bakeries.

It was only then that I came to know they are brothers, for to me the late Badong was also a very known acquaintance who at one time boomed an order to all his salespersons, “Uwi todo, ha. Basta si Jimmy bene qui compra pan, no kubra. (Translated. Listen you all, whenever Jimmy comes to buy bread, do not charge.)

Knowing fully well it was a tall order as it was campaign time, and I was to constantly procure loads of bread for hangers-on at home. So, on the instances I needed bread in bulk, I would instead stay on my campaign vehicle and request somebody to go and purchase bread. Seldom then would I personally visit his bakery; unless of course, he-he-he, on times I had little cash n hand.

That’s how kind-hearted persons these Yeo brothers are, of course just as Monggueh is.

* * * *

That supposed survey allegedly showing Cong. Celso Lobregat as faring poor was neither truth nor a campaign tool, as it did no come from the Mayor Beng Climaco camp.

It turned out to be bad joke from some naughty quarters. This, I learned direct from a Beng insider who said the survey showed a neck-and-neck fight.

My assumption. While the senior politician is Celso, even acknowledged as king/queen maker, has masterfully crafted the political art of strategy, and mustered legions upon legions of leaders and followers, Beng herself on the other hand, has also molded the political art of sobbing theatrics, tagging with her a separate group followers that also come by multitudes upon multitudes.

In short, the fight is between strategy and teary theatrics.

* * * *

I missed out on one point in my presumption of Sen. Grace Poe’s possible legal steps to take in combating her seeming defeat on the citizenship issue, when Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, chairman of the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET), pronounced his stand on the matter.

I simply spoke of the issue as based on citizenship that was to be solved with a possible win as president, for the dictum of Vox Populi, Vox Dei (the voice of the people is the voice of God) will apply.

But she may not altogether be off the hook yet. Remember how she easily surpassed the disqualification case in the SET? Yes, it was simply because the question was to have been raised within ten (10) days upon her proclamation as senator.

What would then happen if her oppositors will seek for her disqualification?

Question. Will the Vox Populi, Vox Dei maxim still apply?

Honestly, that is beyond me. You be the better judge.

* * * *

There seems to be a new twist on the Poe citizenship case.

Rep. Silvestre Bello III, a former Justice, belonging to the opposition is questioning the participation of Justice Carpio in the Poe case, and is asking for his inhibition “out of decency.”

Bello says Carpio could not be fair because he and Avelino Cruz, the counsel of the Liberal Party’s presidential candidate Manuel Roxas II, were both members of the law office, “The Firm.”

That then gives us the impression that being close to Cruz, he would necessarily go for the kill and yank Poe from the presidential race.

Now, that is something that bears watching.

* * * *

What is this I hear that the San Ramon Power Incorporated (SRPI) is incapable of building the coal-fired power plant in San Ramon when it is even on the road to focusing on the short, and medium term of power supply which includes the modular genset and to contract power with Western Mindanao Power Corporation to ensure power for Zamboanga City while waiting for the Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (Zamcelco) to finish the process of the Investment Management Contract or IMC.

Now, what about that IMC, which as is apparently clear is the matter that hinders the SRPI construction?

What is stopping ZAMCELCO from concluding the IMC process, and prod SRPI to still go for short and medium term solutions? Here’s hoping Zamcelco GM dishes out an explanation for our understanding.

On one hand, it becomes evident, SRPI, in the company the Alson outfit, is concerned of the power needs of the city, as shown by the pronouncement of OIC Archie Donato.

* * * *

It had to take, as in the words Yen Makabenta for a person with a “deeply wrong psyche” to bungle for the DOJ to act.

Bungle pa more.

You see, that “alternative truth’ clumsiness and 360-degree turn of the President has jolted authorities to finally file formal charges against ninety pinpointed gunmen of the fallen 44. Charged before the Department of Justice (DOJ) were 90 individuals, among whom are 13 commanders of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)

“The joint National Bureau of Investigation-National Prosecution Service-Special Investigating Team (NBI-NPS-SIT) yesterday filed direct assault with murder complaint against 26 individuals from the MILF, including 13 battalion commanders; and 12 from the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, a splinter group of the MILF who has vowed to continue their fight for an independent Moro homeland in Mindanao.

Of the BIFF members charged, six are battalion commanders.” (MB)

Had it not been for the amateurish act of what Makabenta called a person with a “deeply wrong psyche”, the matter would have gathered more dust on the table of our authorities.

For more positive actions, blunder pa more, Mr. “wrong-psyched.

* * * *

Some immediately comment that a black eye was dealt Davao City Mayor when two Canadian tourists, a Norwegian resort manager and a Filipino girlfriend of one of the foreigners were kidnapped by unidentified gunmen from a popular resort island of Samal in Davao del Norte, just off the coast of Davao City.

Now, this is one incident where the mettle of Digong will be put to an acid test. Should the guilty fall, Duterte just might have to take back those repeated words of a retreat for the presidency.

Getting the culprits will definitely boost his stock.

* * * *

The Aquino-Poe honeymoon intensifies. The exchange of public praises between the two is getting more and more suspect.

Read on, “I am very touched that the President is sympathizing with my position. There’s a reason why President Aquino continues to enjoy a strong mandate and the approval of our fellow countrymen,” Poe said in a statement on Wednesday.

“With his statement he’s showing that beyond the colors of politics, he believes in protecting the integrity of a free and fair democratic elections.”

“I sincerely believe that until his last day as president he will continue to do his best to uphold the will of the people,” Poe added.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News Channel Tuesday night, Aquino said Poe should be allowed to run for president, invoking the maxim “vox populi, vox Dei” or “the voice of the people (is) the voice of God.”

“One would hope that Senator Grace gets the opportunity to be judged by the people to secure the mandate. Vox populi, vox dei. That’s a personal opinion,” the President said, apparently referring to the disqualification case filed against Poe at the Senate Electoral Tribunal.” (TMT)

Aquino has been issuing similar in spite of his support for the administration-backed LP bet, and , former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas.

Watch you back, Mar.