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Thursday, 24 September 2015 15:10

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol

To my Muslim friends, this column about Islam and ISIS does not aim to insult and mock Islam religion and its believers. This should be read and understood with an open mind for better understanding. This only pertains to the extremist radicals, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The world describes them as ISIS, because of a bothering information that ISIS plan will invade the Vatican, the seat of Christianity for many centuries. Table Talk’s reaction is not only as a Christian but as a citizen of the world.

* * *  *

Islam is a religion of peace long before Islamist radicalism, fanaticism and extremism were born. A century ago, the world was at peace until radical Islam group found a new way to expand. It has always been the same way for many radical Islam groups. First, they established their mosque for their enclave, then grow their numbers and followings and when they have those followings, they established their Shariah Constitution and go against a government. Then they secede and establish an Islamic country. Afghanistan was Buddhist when it started, Pakistan was Hindu in the beginning and Lebanon was a Christian state, and  they are now all Islamic countries.

* * * *

One very aggressive radical group is ISIS said to come from the Al Qaeda. Taliban and other extremist groups in the Middle East have planted their extreme Islam belief in Syria, Iran, Yemen, Nigeria, Somalia and many more liberal Islam states in the Middle East. ISIS sows terror in their governance, that is the real cause of these hundreds of thousands refugees fleeing their countries and migrating to Europe. Now that ISIS has funds and financiers and the capability to invade other neighboring countries, ISIS has set their eyes on the Vatican, center of Christianity and home to the Pope, the leader of almost 1.2 billion  Catholic Christians in the world. ISIS wants to break the home of “infidels” as what they call the Christians.

* * * *

Vatican is a state within a state. It has no standing Armed Forces but only Swiss Guards to protect the Cardinals, the Pope and her historical relics of cathedrals, ancient paintings and statues and perhaps some jewelries that are ther when St. Peter, a disciple of Jesus, founded the Vatican, which the Roman Emperor of that time left the Vatican untouched. Now ISIS wanted to invade Vatican which the Roman Empire respected and protected.

* * * *

Vatican can easily be overrun by the ISIS with their thousands of fully armed suicide Islam fanatic followers. In order for ISIS to reach Vatican, they have to pass Rome, capital city of Italy. They have to contend with Italy and her NATO allies and get the ire of the whole world. Christians and Muslims alike who have been co-existing for centuries now.  But ISIS does not respect the opinion of the world because they believe that they have their own world.

* * * *

Scoop: A text message is going on around requesting prayers for the Pope and the Vatican. This text message emanated from Europe and it is going around the world. If you receive such text, don’t break the chain, pass it own, we need prayers for the world, our country and not only Vatican. This time please agree.