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Monday, 28 September 2015 11:33

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol


Criminals exist and flourish because some powerful people condone and protect them. Smuggling, drug trafficking and all sort of law violations can never be stopped unless protection is stopped first. A promise of eliminating this social menace as part of a campaign promise and to be enforced when victory comes is like listening to a “broken record” because it has been promised by many candidates and some of them won but the crimes still exist and worse flourishing. Zamboanga City, a hub of smuggling activities since time immemorial cannot just be solved with a campaign promise. The government should have alternative to seafaring tribes who traded with our foreign neighbors since the very beginning. Those alternatives should not be an improvement of their smuggling trade and create a government office supposedly to control smuggling and making it look like a legal business. Like the barter trading activities during the administration of the late President Cory Aquino, where the Southern Philippines Development Authority (SPDA) was in-charge of the barter trading operation. Technical smuggling was born and multi millions of pesos were invested by big-time businessmen, while the original small-time traders using “kumpits” to trade with our southern foreign neighbors was replaced by ocean going ships and capable of carrying tons of various foreign goods. Making smuggling legal and call it barter trading is like “ throwing the turtle into the river”.

* * * *

Overheard in a radio program of Nonong Santiago in Brigada Radyo is that the  City Mayoralty  position is becoming interesting for some qualified people who promised that they can do abrupt things to change  our crime ridden city. Former Police officer General Mario Yanga, a long time City Police Director, also a personal friend, has decided to run for City Mayor, because his circle of friends and acquaintances are prodding him to run for the city’s highest position. Nobody can stop Gen. Yanga if he wants to run for Mayor, he is qualified and a permanent resident of the city. But a word of advice to my friend, don’t take those words of encouragement “hook, line and sinker”, because some people have ulterior motives and some of them are pure sycophants and it cannot be a guarantee that they can make you win even those businessmen who are pledging support because they will be supporting all candidates as an insurance to their business. Run if you must my friend and do your best and always believe in yourself.

* * * *

Congressman Celso L. Lobregat (Conglo) said in the same radio program that he cannot say what position he will be running next year because he has not yet completed his consultations. Conglo in this consultations will never get any other answer but “run for city mayor”. Nobody for that matter will say otherwise, because most of them have motives and Conglo knows that as a veteran politician.  But, since “the mouse is out of the bag” and the public believes he will run for city mayor, he must now give a categorical answer and not confuse the people because it might be disadvantageous if the preparation of his followers for Conglo to run for city mayor will be aborted. His followers cannot change their political plans overnight. Conglo, say it now, before someone grabs the opportunity.