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Tuesday, 29 September 2015 14:22

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

For an incident that happened some five years ago, yet taking the interest of authorities to painstakingly nab the identified suspect is no mean feat. They deserve the highest of accolades.

The DZT reports that “Police operatives arrested on Friday an Abu Sayyaf kidnapper involved in the kidnapping of a Filipina-American national and her son in June 2010.”

Arrested on the strength of a warrant issued by Judge Peter Eisma of the 9th Judicial Region Branch 15 under Criminal Case numbers 27262 to 27263 for kidnapping with ransom was Wajir T. Arajani alias Mohajid Baghdad, Wajir and Wazir, 22, of Taluksangay. After careful sleuthing he was nabbed around 4:15 p.m. in the vicinity of the Zamboanga City Medical Center.

Congratulations and more power to the men of the Zamboanga City Police led by by Chief Insp. Edilberto Alvarez, the Regional Intelligence Unit 9, the 84th Special Action Company Special Action Force, the Philippine Center on Transnational Crime Western Mindanao Office, the Regional Highway Patrol Unit 9 and the Regional Intelligence Division 9 and operatives of the Chief Philippine National Police.

Just so sorry names of heads ot he the other participating teams were left out in the DZT story, so I cannot give them due recognition.

An achievement such as that even merits a one rank promotion for all participating elements. This accomplishment gets my attention because the kidnapping was perpetrated five long years ago, yet the police took pains to put the accused kidnapper behind bars. Indeed meritorious of commendations.

* * * *

After some long days of business and pleasure here, Gen. Rintintin Yeo, senior member of the Monggueh cabinet sets for home anytime now, with word though, he will be back in Mid-October.

And requests of all requests, his is for Kingkong to ready bundles of bananas of the “lacatan” variety for pasalubong to his Manila-based family.

Gen. Yeo runs Rodmil Trading, nationwide dealer of all kinds of quality spark plugs.

And as the Gen. goes, vacationing Bob Jaldon surfaces, re-joining the cabinet for this morning’s session. His first official act was to initiate the naming of Taua (Tuat), a Monggueh brother as executive secretary, an alter ego of PNoy’s Paquito Ochoa. So it was written, so shall it be done.

To regularly join the cabinet morning sessions is a big possibility, but probably for him to join the evening sessions, is remote, says George Yeo as his evening penchant is to sing with the Enteng dela Peña band.

* * * *

Recall my item on the Davao kidnapping of three Canadians and a Filipina. I simply talked of a challenge to Rodrigo Duterte’s mettle.

The actual point I was to drive at today rhymes with that of Bob Jaldon’s when we dialogued this morning.

There is a scarcity of foreigners’ kidnapping reported in Davao, I said. But why did it happen at such an unholy period as this, days prior to the filing of certificates of candidacy (COC)?

Yesterday, Duterte himself reported that the captives were brought to Sulu. In the same breath, the military in the area ruled the theory out. Probably he knows for sure where they are.

And this sounds of stage management, Bob suspects, with me entertaining the same.

Whatever is cooking bears watching as another possibly synchronized story is floated, some businessmen pledged P1 billion for Duterte’s campaign fund. And these businessmen have billed Duterte as a crime fighter that the country needs. And with Duterte himself publicly saying to criminals, “Tataba mga isda sa Manila Bay, dyan ko kayo itatapon.”(ABS-CBN)

Such attractive come ons. Presto, scanty a days before COC filing, Duterte sends kidnappers to kingdom come.

Duterte for president.

* * * *

Some brief lines on martial law. To me, the objective for the declaration then of martial law in 1972 was well meant. This can easily be gleaned from the slogans that Former President Marcos bannered. “Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, disiplina ang kailangan”, which was preceded by “This nation can be great again.”

If anyone would simply set that aside, he/she just must have a pre-formed negative mind right from its inception., and I respect that position.

But speaking of intentions, I, too stand by my thinking. The Marcos slogans tell.  At that time, the NPA was on a heightened level of operations. And in unseen ways, the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) was also suiting up for their separatist struggle. Indeed, at that time, “Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, disiplina ang kailangan.”

Of course, in carrying out its good intentions, left-leaning elements had to be neutralized. Also, martial law became over-extended, giving the opposition weapons to call for its disbandment. History now judges the intricacies, implications, complexities, as well as the niceties and pleasantries of the Marcos act.

* * * *

Senator Grace Poe gets a respected jurist by her side on the citizenship issue. He is former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban, who says that Poe must be considered a natural-born Filipino citizen under the “generally accepted principles of international law, which form part of the law of the land,”

That is in complete disagreement with the stated opinion of Senior Justice Antonio Carpio who sits as chairman of the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET)

Directly, it may not benefit Poe for Panganiban is not even a member of the SET. Carpio is. So, Poe could only hope that the Panganiban statement will influence the thinking of the other SET members.

* * * *

On grounds that Justice Carpio was a law associate in “The Firm”, Mar Roxas’ lawyer is also one, Roxas leaders demand his inhibition.

If that is the case, Roxas leaders could also call for the inhibition of SET member, Sen. Tito Sotto, for the latter is admittedly the campaign manager of Sen. Poe in the last senatorial polls . So, Sotto may also be biased.

* * * *

Just thinking out loud. Pressed for time, I end my writeup here today.