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Tuesday, 29 September 2015 14:23

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol

In the olden times or during the age of the prophets, kings and emperors, kingdoms and empires, Knights Templar already existed and synonymous to the Free Masons, an ancient brotherhood. The story goes that during those times when the Roman Empire controlled by the Pope was in a tight fix in maintaining their vast empire and army, they needed some financing to stabilize the Empire, which stretches to Asia Minor (Middle East) from Europe. The Knights Templar came to their rescue, lending them gold and silver. The Roman Empire and the Pope were able to strengthen their Empire and in fact became more powerful and stronger with the financial assistance of the Knights Templar, the protector of the Cross and Christian Faith, during those troubled times or the Dark Age. However, the Knights Templar after it salvaged the weakening Roman Empire and protected the Papal Hierarchy head of the Roman Catholic faith, has been declared as heretics, when they were already to collect the debt from the Empire. The Knights Templar were torched and burned to the stakes as heretics in Europe. The Knights Templar went underground but their ancient brotherhood prevailed and became stronger and their steadfast belief as protectors of the Cross continued even without the blessings of the Roman Empire. The Knights Templar was a secret empire of brothers and continued to exist, protecting those who were persecuted for believing the Christian faith.

* * * *

Today, Christians in Syria, because of constant persecution from the ISIS, revived the ancient protector of the Cross and armed themselves to protect their communities and families from ISIS and called their brotherhood as Knights Templar International, with the same Flag of bold red cross plastered in white with black color underneath the flag. It is the original design of the ancient Knights Templar. They are recruiting brave Christians to bear arms and hold on to their communities against ISIS in Syria,  said to have at least two million Christians before ISIS came but now it has diminished to only about 500,000 Christians.

* * * *

The  Knights Templar International is recruiting members through the Internet and facebook. Their facebook account name is Knights Templar International and is open to the public to view. This is one world development worth watching because it involves Christians who kept praying to God for help while their brothers and sisters have been slaughtered for their belief and now are “helping themselves” by bearing arms and fight their persecutors. In the Middle Age, the troubles of the world was because of religious belief and ideology. Spain for 700 years was under the regime of the Moors until one Christian, Don Rodrigo De Bilbao ( El Cid) led an army to free Spain from the Moors. But the influence on the culture of Moors can still be found in many cities of Spain long after the Moors left Spain. But the Moors that occupied Spain for 700 years are not as brutal and cruel as the ISIS that occupied part of Syria and Iran, that for only a few years already destroyed historical relics and killed scores of Christians they captured.

* * * *

The Philippine government must be wary and cautious in accepting refugees from the Middle East as it announced recently that the country will accept refugees. There might be elements from ISIS or their sympathizers within those refugees. The Philippines has a history religious clashes and for fanatics to infiltrate those refugees and join hands with our local extremists will be like “lighting the fuse of a bomb” long awaiting to explode.  The Philippines is not ready and capable to combat ISIS menace. In fact our government is immersed in a political battle for supremacy and to add an ISIS problem to our government will be “from the frying pan to the fire”.  Unless we have Knights Templar in our side perhaps our problem will be lighter.


Scoop: This is one time to show solidarity, not only for protection but for survival because the Philippines has already undergone  three conquerors, The Spaniards, the Americans and the Japanese, teaching Filipinos different ideologies of religion, education and economics. For ISIS to be the fourth conqueror, is a terrible conquest, it does not teach us anything but to kill and murder. Agree or disagree.