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Wednesday, 30 September 2015 14:58

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Today the city observes the end of the almost one-month tragic Zamboanga Siege, simultaneously with start of the over 1 week inundation of over 12 barangays all over Zamboanga.

Whew ..! Such miseries. Twin tragedies occurring within the first 3 months in office of Mayor Beng Climaco.

On the first, was it wise for authorities to have waited for almost a month before finally deciding to meet the rebellion head on, having to cause the death of hundreds of innocent civilians and the burning down of other thousands of  houses and countless of such other assets and properties?

Per news reports, these were the circumstances surrounding the 2nd day of the stand-off,. The invading insurgents were all cramped up in Kasanyangan village with a supposed headcount of only 74 hostages.

Was it then wise to have prolonged the 20-day lock in? Or should government have quickly rose to the situation and pounded on, as they did of the mutineers?

You be the better judges.

On the second, the disastrous flooding. Already crammed up with war evacuees, more and more public shcool buildings had to be commandeered, leaving more students school-less.

Come to think of it, would the situation have eased soonest had government swiftly acted on the stand off, staving off the death of hundreds of innocent civilians and the burning down of other thousands of  houses and countless of such other assets and properties?

Again you be the better judges.

* * * *

On the other hand, from Baliwasan as I am, I had the chance to witness our barangay captain confronting the inundation  problem,. And without having to say, the latter happens to be son, Jaime “Boday” Cabato. Even as things as they are, but given the precarious situation then at hand, I am moved to just the same share his experience.

At the start of the deluge, Boday immediately called on the military, police, firemen, the red cross and such other rescue agencies. Biding for little time anticipating the response from contacted agencies, who all did, he then rushed to Manggal Drive, the hardest hit sitio as it is right beside a creek. There the strong rushing waters was neck-deep. Good thing, he went in together with 2 firemen who taught him how to wade in the water by walking sideways beside structures. But when there was a rather long gap, the rushing waters hit him hard and was carted by the current, moving the firemen to throw him a rope to where he clang for dear life as he was being pulled to safety, to continue their rescue operation.

As some 5 sitios in Baliwasan were affected, 2 edifices had to be “hijacked” to accommodate the hundreds upon hundreds of evacuees who had to flee their abodes for safety. First was the Baliwasan Central School, and gratifyingly Hadja Sitti Almina Jammang offered their HMIJ Islamic institution for the second.

The ordeal didn’t stop there. There was need to attend to the evacuees, who due to immediate flight to safety, brought very little basic items with them. Then and there, the young barangay chieftain, called in his family members and staff, and turned them into cooks and food-servers.

Unlike probably other affected barangays, the Baliwasan evacuees did no cooking for the whole duration of their stay in the 2 evacuation centers. They were fed all through out their tribulation by the barangay government, morning, noon and night.

’s not the end of the line though for Cap Boday. Even as I was the movant of a council resolution, dictating one by one all affected barangays to be declared under a state of calamity, our council staff missed  the inclusion of the Baliwasan in the list. So, when reimbursement time came, the poor fellow who advanced all expenses for food cannot effect collection. I brought this matter later to the city council, to no avail. City Accountant Bibing  Biñarao said, the calamitous state is over, no fund release for that purpose at that time can anymore be effected.

Sorry na lang for Boday. He had to charge things to experience.

That is the story that even if the barangay captain is a son, I could not help but share. Please understand.

* * * *

It’s almost a 3-way tie for the presidential derby, with Sen. Gace Poe still in front, with Ex-DILG Sec. Mar Roxas  a mere percentage ahead of VP Jojo Binay

Such is the result of a non-commissioned Ulatng Bayan national survey conducted last September 8-14 among 2,400 respondents.     Behind them is Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who using the margin of error of +/-2 for national levels and +/-4 for sub-national levels, is statistically tied for second place with Roxas and Binay.

From a list of potential presidential candidates, respondents 18 years old and above were asked: “Of the people on this list, who would you vote for as president of the Philippines if the 2016 elections were held today and they were candidates? You may mention others not included in this list.” Next to the 3 is Sen. Bongbong Marcos.

* * * *

While the toughest games are still ahead for the Philippine basketball team, Gilas Pilipinas overcame one of the toughest hurdles in the FIBA Asia Championship when it brought down defending champion Iran Monday with a combination of dazzling drives and long shots  and a phenomenal defense that produced 12 steals.

“The score also told the story – 87-73 – as Iran absorbed one of its most painful defeats since reigning as Asia’s best over the last 10 years.

The win put the Philippines on top of the standings at 3-1, the same as Iran’s. But the win did not mean Iran is out of the way. Should the Philippines continue its winning drive, the two teams may meet again in the finals.

But for now, Gilas can stand proud with its biggest achievement ever since being formed under the aegis of the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas, dwarfing its semifinal victory in the FIBA Asia two years ago in Manila against South Korea, and surpassing in significance the team’s lone win in the FIBA World Cup in Spain against Senegal last year.” (MB)

* * * *

Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio is just being consistent in his opinion that Sen. Grace Poe is merely a naturalized and not a natural-born Filipino.

He made the same dissenting opinion in the 2004 case against Poe’s adoptive father, Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ), whose citizenship was questioned when he chose to seek the presidency.

Carpio, now head of the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET), was one of the five justices who declared that FPJ was not only not a natural-born Philippine citizen but also not a Filipino, since he was an illegitimate child of his father, movie actor Fernando Poe Sr. (Allan F. Poe in real life), and his American mother, Bessie Kelley.

Being an illegitimate child, FPJ took the citizenship of his mother, Carpio said.

That being the case, the call for his inhibition in the Poe citizenship case has no basis, after all.

* * * *

Sen. Bongbong appears headed for the race to Malacañang. On Monday he is reported to have stopped short of declaring a presidential bid in 2016, when he said the country needs a leader who would unify it into “one country, one nation.”

This he said in his speech before members of the National Unity Party (NUP) during its convention at Sofitel, where Sen. Grace Poe was a no-show..

He even twitted Pres. Aquino when he quipped that the vindictiveness and “polarized politics” of the latter that marred the current administration has not helped the nation.

Marcos went to further say, the confrontational, and eventually, adversarial form of governance, where vindictiveness has become part  of government policy in going after the so-called political opponents, have resulted in dividing the nation.

* * * *

The BBL is dead. So declared Sen. Bongbong Marcos, adding it has no chance to be passed in the Senate and the House.

Such is also the admission made Rep. Rufus Rodriguez who filed the Basic Law on the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region that, he said, has been stripped of 48 unconstitutional provisions by the  Basic Law on the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region, authored by Marcos.

How dare. In saying that, Rodriguez just admitted his BBL version contains 48 unconstitutional provisions; yet he ois hell bent on having his version passed. Such shameful act, it appears.

It’s good we still have the likes of Marcos, who said both the House and the Senate are still in the period of interpellations on the provisions of the BBL and they are not yet in the period of amendments. And had predicted the death of BBL.