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Wednesday, 30 September 2015 14:59

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol

This coming October, one week has been declared as “Senior Citizens week”.  This will give importance to all surviving senior citizens in the country. Zamboanga City that also has a large population of surviving senior citizens ( including Table Talk and thanks to the Lord Almighty) should be given importance. They are the remnants who helped built this city and the nation long before the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) were declared the “real heroes” of the country.

The surviving senior citizens today are also “real heroes” even if the government did not declare them as one. Senior citizens gave the prime of their life not only to their families, but also to nation building. We have soldiers, professionals, farmers, fishermen, ordinary office employees, teachers and all sorts of workers, who are now senior citizens, who gave their best for the country and without their contribution to nation building, we will not be as what we are today. OFWs gave their money as their contribution to nation building but senior citizens gave their sweat, blood and future, right in our native land and not on a foreign soil. What has the government done to repay surviving senior citizens? Only the Senior Citizens Law that gave privileges for their day to day routine. But worst this has not been monitored by the government and the law is frequently violated, unless senior citizens complain or reports the violations like the mandatory discount, senior citizens fast lanes, reserve area for senior citizens in a restaurant and due courtesy and politeness in offices when senior citizens transact business thereat. This Senior Citizens Week should be celebrated to remind people that senior citizens should be given their share in the community for what they have perspired and suffered for, when they were in the prime of their life.

* * * *

Drugs stores, restaurants, ticketing offices, banking institutions and all other business enterprises that do not implement the Senior Citizens Law,should be punished like ordinary criminals for denying surviving senior citizens the special privilege that they can have only for  few remaining years of their life and to at least feel that they are loved by a community that they helped preserve and protect. Children of senior citizens should the more show love and respect to their senior citizen parents for the few remaining years they have to be with them and who made their children on what they are today.  Another law should be enacted by government, punishing children who abandon their senior citizen parents.The home for the aged is the worst form of gratitude by children, for sending their parents there and have them taken care by other people, a responsibility that their senior citizen parents have never done when they were born and reared. A naughty child might say to a senior citizen parent “it is not my fault, I did not ask to be born” Table Talk says, shame on you, you have now a child of your own, did they ask to be born?

* * * * *

It pains me to see senior citizens being disrespected by some people who think they will not grow old and become senior citizens. Sales girls in drug stores, rudely serve the senior citizens who buy their maintenance medicines. Worst, the discount is not a discount at all because the cost of medicine show an increase in its selling price, the same as the amount of the supposedly discount privilege so a poor senior citizen is paying for the original price of medicines. What pains me more is when a drug store salesgirl, raises her voice to an elderly customer, who just wanted to ask if a discount was given.

* * * *

Wake up to this blatant injustices done to senior citizens. Their age may have weakened their physical bodies, but their minds are full of wisdom and experiences that a disrespectful youth might take years to know. That is, if at all, they will survive to become senior citizens. Never belittle senior citizens, you are going there, whether you like it or not and don’t be in a hurry because when you will become a senior citizen, the world might be different and it will be more painful for you. “ You reap what you sow” is always the cycle of life.

* *  * *

Give thanks we have plenty of able and useful senior citizens. Without them life will be more difficult for the many who are not enlightened on the realities of life and who are still learning the difference between knowledge and wisdom. This Senior Citizens Week should be given importance by the government because the Philippine nation has more to repay debt of gratitude to senior citizens in the country. Senior citizens are better than an individual who is made hero but whose feats and contribution to the nation is  only known to  a handful of Filipinos. “Honor they father and thy Mother” is one of the ten commandments of God.

* * * *

Scoop:” Whoever serves his country well, does not need an ancestor” — VOLTAIRE, Merope 1,3,. Agree or disagree.