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Saturday, 03 October 2015 15:18

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Just for the record. This writer is washing his hand on the clear oversight of this column’s title yesterday which read, “Why are marriage contracts don’t have expiry dates?”, he he he, a grievous grammatical error.

Editor Roy, take it away. Please scribble down an erratum, with the appropriate explanation. Thank you very much. (Sorry for the booboo, Jim. While in the process of re-phrasing as part of this business of writing a title for columns like yours, I forgot to pick the correct one which is,  “Why do marriage contracts have no expiry dates”... Mea culpa. Apologies to you and the readers. — Editor)

* * * *

On subject contracts, Quirino Yeo has a rejoinder as he still has another complaint.

He protests, why is it only Muslims may marry four (4) times; and Christians cannot?

To that, Chairman Monggueh had a ready answer, and shot back. “That may not altogether be true in all cases. There are Christians and some other Filipinos who secretly have or had five (5) wives.”

Come to think of it. Quirino has no reason to complain, after all, hugh? For one, take the case of Limasawa, who was named as such because he had five (5) wives. He may not have been Christian, but definitely, a Filipino or was he Chinese. In any case, he was residing in the Philippines.

And I have my own rejoinder to Quirino. This question I threw to him, “Kay di uste Mrs. talla man na Manila y baka nuay tiempo man internet, pidi yo permiso, imbia copia deste periodico pate el de mañana cunele (Meaning this issue). Puede? (Since your wife is in Manila and might not have time surf the net, I ask permission for me to send a copy of this paper ad that of tomorrow to her. May I?)

Instantly Quirino shrugged the idea off, “No no, no. Guerra” (That’s war)

* * * *

Some tough luck. Starting out on my research work on what to dish out here today, the network access goes pfftt, soon as I read the first item. If the net access does not resume until submission time of article, I will have to rely on the few tidbits I was able to read in the papers during our (Monggueh) cabinet morning session today.

* * * *

From all likelihood, Sen. Bongbong, unless situations change,  just might go only for the vice presidency. Yesterday, he revealed having personal “high-level” talks with VP Binay, the first to declare his presidential bid.

Today, he is reported to have flown to Davao City to meet with Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, the reluctant or is it theatrical presidential bet. And they did meet in a hotel from 9 pm to midnight, with news reporters waiting around patiently.

When the two faced the media, both seemed highly secretive, separately saying it was politics that they discussed. Marcos, however, added that he simply went to meet with the mayor for his “intelligent advice” on his next political move.

It will be recalled, Sen. Allan Peter Cayetano also went to Davao where he declared his vice presidential pitch, a day after meeting with Duterte.

Under the circumstances, political pundits are prone to believe Cayetano must had the blessings of Duterte, with Cayetano in turn, simply saying that the hiatus for Duterte’s possible presidential swing is worth the wait.

So many others, too, are waiting.

* * * *

Former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, after all, will soon be allowed to post bail in connection with an electoral-sabotage complaint filed against her by the Justice department.

Arroyo, among other things, is under detention on a charge for allegedly staging a 12-0 victory for the administration’s “Unity Team” senatorial slate in Maguindanao in the 2007 polls.

Judge Jesus Mupas of the lower court earlier permitted the former president to post bail when prosecutors, he said, failed to convince him that there is strong evidence against Arroyo.

The CA resolution penned by three (3) associate justices concurred with the lower court’s findings that the prosecutors who contested the former leader’s bail petition had no new arguments to convince the court to reverse its ruling.

And had the net access permitted, I was set to copy-paste some 15 comments for publication here. They all favored the CA ruling.

Some comments, as I remember, even castigated the Aquino administration for its alleged vindictiveness and injustices by filing serious cases against individuals even in the absence of substantive proofs.

* * * *

Both Chairman Monggueh and Member Nonie Dondoynano are fond of this coined statement, “God made the world and all living and non-living things. All the rest are made in China.”

This makes me recall an item I read this morning in the business page of The Manila Times.

China’s Huawei phones has entered into a joint venture with Google flagship Nexus smartphones. Of all named operational android phone manufacturers, Google tapped a still-emerging Chinese technology company, Huawei to produce the Nexus 6P to showcase its Android operating system.

What is eye-catching here is that this soon-to-be launched “phablet” is intended to rival iPhone 6S plus and Samsung Galaxy Note, noting that Chinese firms are struggling to break the dominance of giants Apple and Samsung. This partnership is a mile-stone for the careworn Huawei.

In Zamboanga City, the main distributor of Huawei is Lenin Computer Specialists that has, I guess three (3) outlets here.

Repeat, “God made the world and all living and non-living things. All the rest are made in China.” So, in the long run, China will win.

* * * *

This time, I will not break this news by raising an alarm, for I know ZAMCECLCO, under GM George Ledesma is in good hands nowadays.

Got this message direct from the GM today, “Message from NGCP: ZACC: MRCC: Agus 7 unit 2 manually shut down at 2323H. Economy shutdown.”

I then asked if that would mean low power supply again for Zamboanga City. His answer, “Agus 7 is a hydro plant. Grid has less supply, thus our allotment is lower. Hope TMI will give more beyond our 18mw contract which they have been doing for the last weeks.”

Therefore, I surmise, that as TMI has been generous to us the past weeks, there is no reason for it to deny us added power now.    This, I conclude knowing that ZAMCELCO has been religiously paying its bills to power suppliers. If it were remiss as in previous years, God bless Zamboanga. Brace for power outages.

This time, I say. Blessed as we are now, thank God. And good work, GM.

* * * *

Only past 11 am, it may not yet be submission time for this writeup, and there is no net access still. But I will opt not to wait for its resumption and end my column here, remembering that I have to attend the 4th Quarter general assembly of the Multi-Sectoral Electrification Advisory Council (MSEAC), of where I am a member, representing the media sector in Dist. 5 under Director Wil Bazan.

This afternoon then when the net is hopefully restored, I will do my research and write my piece ahead of time for me not to miss my article tomorrow as the MSEAC meeting takes the whole morning. See you.

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