Piñol and Musa should shut up PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 26 June 2011 15:07

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front through its Deputy Chair for Information Khalid Musa has denied reports that the Front is lobbying for positions in the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao in the event that President Aquino proceeds to appoint officers in charge in some 50 positions in the ARMM government. Musa further revealed that in fact the government had dangled the same offer to the MILF which they had flatly refused. He was also quoted as saying that they have no business tinkering with the business of the national government, a statement which was seconded by MILF peace panel member Maulana Alonto.

Musa assailed former North Cotabato Gov. Manny Piñol whom he identified as the source of the report and even called him a liar.
The MILF and Piñol can exchange barbs and name-callings but that proposal stirs interest to some sectors which had been monitoring the progress of the negotiations and the political transitions in the ARMM. When one comes to brass tacks among the terminating points in the peace talks will be ARMM governance. We cannot imagine an autonomous government without the members of the Front so why not draft some this early? After all has not the MILF declared that they had dropped their independence agenda?

Furthermore, the proposal to allow the MILF run the ARMM government for seven years did not meet any vehement objections. Not yet anyway. If our analysis is right, the suspension of the ARMM elections which had the solid support of Malacañang and the two houses of Congress is in preparation for the possible peace agreement which will then open the gate of the ARMM to welcome the MILF which will be given the unique opportunity to govern the region.

Having an advance party to participate in the ARMM government after all is not a bad idea. Piñol’s proposal is actually miniscule compared to what is acceptable to the government negotiators and Malacañang Palace. In fact it has become irrelevant. Instead of reacting passionately to the ex-governor’s idea the MILF, especially Musa, might just consider it a kibitzers remark and then laugh at it. Better still Piñol and Musa just shut their mouths and wait for events to unravel towards peace. -- MENARDO WENCESLAO