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LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… The Father and I are one…” (Jesus Christ, in John 10:30, the Holy Bible).

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IN THE BIBLE, JESUS SAID HE IS GOD: Is there any proof from the Bible that Jesus Christ is God and Savior, and not simply a man who saves? From the doctrinal teachings of the Anak ng Diyos Kadugo Ni Kristo (AND KNK, or the Children of God Blood Kin of the Christ) Church, there are countless proofs that the Bible contains, showing Jesus is God and Savior.

These proofs come from the Father, from the Son, from the Holy Spirit, from the first disciples of Jesus, and from those who did not believe in Him. The proofs from the Father pertain to the prophecies inspired by God that He Himself will come down from heaven and come to the world, to save sinners from the deadly penalty they are to receive because of their sins.

On the other hand, the proofs from the Son pertain to what Jesus said and did while He was here on earth. Contrary to the assertion of many preachers that Jesus did not say He is God, the Bible presents ample proof that Jesus Himself said He is God the Father. In fact, Jesus also proved that He is also the Holy Spirit.

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BIBLE DETAILS PROOF JESUS IS GOD: In addition, the Bible also mentions different incidents in the stay of Jesus here on earth which show beyond doubt that He is God. As far as the AND KNK is concerned, at least 18 of these incidents featuring Jesus narrated by the Bible constitute proof beyond reasonable doubt, as it were, that He is God.

We have already written about these 18 incidents involving Jesus before. But let me just emphasize one thing about them: there is no mistake whatsoever that the son who will be conceived and given birth to by the virgin woman was not going to be an ordinary man.

This “Son” was clearly identified and recognized in the Bible as God, who would be known by the Name of God Himself, which is Jesus. And so as not to create any senseless confusion about this “Son” being God, the Bible also clarified that He was also the “everlasting Father”.

* * * *

SEEING JESUS MEANS SEEING GOD THE FATHER: On the other hand, the Holy Spirit also has various proofs that Jesus is God and Savior. We can find these proofs during the time that Jesus was baptized by John, when the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus after his baptism, and when Jesus, after telling His disciples that He was sending them to the world, breathed the Holy Spirit to them.

The point here is that, if Jesus said He and the Father are One, it is clear that the Holy Spirit was God Himself because the Holy Spirit actually was the very breath of Jesus. That “breathing” of the Holy Spirit to the disciples thereafter enabled them to see that Jesus is God.

We need only to recall here the incidents involving Thomas and Philip, where Jesus told them, if they have seen Him, they have seen the Father, too. If the disciples had known Jesus, they had known God the Father likewise. Those who did not believe Jesus was God also proved His divinity, because when they heard Him saying He was God, they didn’t believe Him, and even tried to stone Him to death.

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