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Wednesday, 07 October 2015 10:55



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Youth oppress my people, women rule over them…” (Isaiah 3:12, the Holy Bible).

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DIVIDING THE BICOLANO VOTES IN 2016: Now that, officially, there are already two vice presidential candidates from the Bicol Region—Sen. Francis Escudero from Sorsogon under Sen. Grace Poe and Naga City Rep. Leni Robreo under former Sec. Manuel Roxas II of the Liberal Party—it would be truly interesting to watch how their fellow “sili’ lovers from the country’s Region 5 will vote.

Sure, there have been predictions already, from Bicolano politicians yet, that Bicolano voters will go for Leni, but Escudero’s supporters aren’t giving up that easily. The reason is that, there are approximately five million votes from that region, which can tilt a candidacy to victory easily, as many Bicolanos who run for the Senate proved in the past.

Now, that vote is going to be divided as to the vice presidency, leaving Leni and Escudero  without any clear advantage over other vice presidential candidates for the 2016 elections. That could allow other candidates from other regions, like those from the so-called “Solid North” or from Mindanao, an opportunity to garner more votes.

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UNA’S LACK OF VICE PRESIDENTIAL BET A SIGN OF WEAKNESS: Now, attention has shifted to the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) of Vice President and presidential candidate Jejomar C. Binay, for up to now, it has not announced its candidate for vice president yet. Talks are going around that Sen. Gregorio Honasan (another Bicolano!) will run with Binay, but nothing is definite yet even with this.

I am sure Binay and UNA know that this is not going to look nice. I mean, Binay is still supposed to be the man to beat for the presidency in 2016, the surveys showing the decline in his ratings notwithstanding. So then, how come nobody seems interested to run under (or with) him?

This is bound to backfire on him, as it would portray him as a potential loser even as early as now, for many Filipinos equate the lack of candidates willing to run with a presidential aspirant as a manifestation of weakness, signifying probable loss in the elections.

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TRILLANES RUNNING AS VP ONLY TO DERAIL BINAY: Be that as it may, it is significant to note that Binay’s concerns about Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV running as a vice presidential candidate in the 2016 elections, even without a presidential candidate joining him, may yet prove true once again.

Indeed, many believe that Trillanes is running, or is being made to run by other interested parties, to continue derailing Binay’s chances, which he pursued with evident success in the course of the Senate inquiry that was led by him and by Senators Alan Peter Cayetano and Aquilino Pimentel III for almost one year now.

I would not be surprised if, in the course of the campaign, Trillanes is not going to be concerned at all about winning or losing as a vice presidential aspirant, but rather simply on gaining a platform with which he can continue demonizing Binay with allegations of corruption and other wrongdoings when he was mayor of Makati City, en route to the 2016 elections.

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