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Tuesday, 26 October 2010 14:17

OCTOBER 25 POLLS SHOW RP DEMOCRACY ALIVE: “For all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.” This piece from “Desiderata”, a famous poem which became an equally-famous song in the 1970s, kept reverberating in my mind the whole day Monday, October 25, 2010, as our people proceeded to choose new barangay and Sanguniang Kabataan officials.

Why? Well, despite the killings, the cheating, the mayhem, the elections were still the one best way for our people to experience democracy, and, as long as democracy thrives, our country and our people will continue to move on and, hopefully by the grace of God, ultimately succeed.
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CAN GLORIA AND DATO ACCOUNT FOR THE P239 M? The real question in the reported P239 million pork barrel releases made by former President Arroyo in favor of the Bicol district of her son, Rep. Diosdado Dato, is this: how much of it really went to the projects that were supposed to be funded by it?

As President, Mrs. Arroyo (now Pampanga congresswoman) had the power under the law to make the releases, and Dato had the right to receive them for his district. So there was nothing illegal about that. But then, what everyone---from Gloria to Dato to the towns where the money was delivered--- should account for is how---or whether---the money was really used for the intended beneficiaries.
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ADMONITIONS OF JESUS TO CANDIDATES AND OFFICIALS: That is the reason why, in every election, I always try to admonish, even only in the very little way we can through our media outlets, those running for public office: the Lord Jesus Christ has set up a standard for candidates.

In Mark 10:43 to 44 of the Holy Bible, He says anyone wishing to become a leader must be the servant of all, and not without reason. If a candidate who wins will only remember that he is a mere servant of his constituents, as Jesus had said, he will serve them in all honesty, he will not steal and not plunder, he will not be corrupt.

But if the candidate who wins does not even know what Jesus wanted from him if we won, this candidate will surely succumb, in one way or another and sooner or later, to corruption, plunder and abuse. Look around you and appreciate the reality of what Jesus had said.
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`SHORT CUTS’ AND `WAY OUTS’ IN RESEARCH: Here is the second part of the Facebook article “The Discipline of Research”, written by The Firm lawyer Ryan Balisacan in the aftermath of the Supreme Court plagiarism scandal: “Indeed, there are those who, as a matter of habit, use `short-cuts’ and `way-outs’ just to get a decent grade in just another term paper.

“There are those who do not value the inherent discipline of research, the dignity of submitting a paper with the proud warranty that it represents the best of his/her intellectual ferment and the best of his/her personal efforts (hindi yung `basta may maipasa lang’).

“There are those who do not believe in the inherent value of footnote-consciousness and the utility and beneficiality of nurturing the instinct of attribution, especially since they are not `life skills’ that would prove useful in the pragmatic schema of the `real world’….” More next time.

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