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Sunday, 26 June 2011 15:15

To achieve the EFA Goals towards 2015, the Department of Education spearheads various programs and projects to achieve its mission and vision. The secondary education envisions that our graduates will be prepared for the world of work and to be globally competitive. To be globally competitive does not only mean being competent in knowledge and skills.  It also demands that one must also need to be competent in English, as the language spoken worldwide  but also to the varied  languages  of the world.  It is high time that all of us must be able to understand or much better able to speak other languages because many foreigners are coming to our country.

It is timely that DepEd is including the Special Program in Foreign Language in selected schools all over the country.  The inclusion of foreign language in the curriculum  is designed to prepare the graduates of secondary education for meaningful interaction in a linguistically and culturally diverse global workplace. It will make graduates   better ready for career that will offer opportunities for diverse immersion. For three years now, foreign languages offered in pilot schools are Spanish, Nihhongo and  German. This is  the year of implementation for the first three languages and an expansion of the project to more schools and additional languages are now offered like Mandarin, French and Arabic.

The Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School in Gov. Ramos Ave., Sta. Maria, this city,  is one of the schools in the country that has been piloting the Spanish language. The school is equipped with internet facilities where students can go online to engage with its sister schools. It also has speech laboratories, which can make teaching-and-learning of the foreign language more easy.  Competent English teachers have underwent summer training sessions in Spanish for 45 days every summer. They are - Ms. Ethel Medallo and Ms. Jocelyn Alvarez .  The full implementation of this program will start this school year 2011-2012.  Another school in Zamboanga City  implementing foreign language is ZCNH West with Mandarin as the focus language.

The school heads of the pilot schools of Zamboanga City,  Dr. Maria Pilar N. Gregorio, Principal of DPLMHS and Mr. Henry Ongchua, Principal of ZNHS West and the other  implementing schools nationwide  attended  the  orientation conference  on the Special  Program in Foreign Language (SPFL) to review and craft the implementing guidelines. Essential points  were taken into consideration  which included the subject nomenclature, curriculum design, requirements for admission and retention in the program, assessment and grading system, teacher qualification, teacher’s load and class organization,  teacher benefits and service credits, scholarships and others to include instructional materials.

Our country is moving on forward for industrialization to gain economic progress, it is essential that Filipinos should be equipped to various languages of the world to intellectually blend and eradicate racial discrimination. The fast invading of foreigners to our city such as Koreans with their contemptible goods and the Indians with their credit tactics, they have molded their tongues and speak bisaya and tagalog. Hence, it is rightful responsibility to abreast with different languages to be at par globally. — Dr. Maria Pilar N. Gregorio, School Principal, DPLMHS