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Friday, 09 October 2015 13:30



Simply dressed in a t-shirt with the slogan “I love Zamboanga” printed in front, clad in what looked like a pair of jogging pants and a pink-colored pair of Crocs that caregivers in the U. S. normally wear when on duty, Mayor Maria Isabelle G. Climaco-Salazar appeared radiant even as she received an urgent call saying that Tumaga was burning. She carried no sign of frustration or disappointment from a fish bowl session with”Kuya” at the Carmelite Monastery last Sunday to thresh out some “unity” problems. My foot.

The honorable Congressman Celso L. Lobregat, acting like he still owns the place, had wanted certain concessions from his Little Sister to keep the unity of their coalition going. He demanded (that’s what some members of the press described Kuya’s demeaning attitude toward his Little Sister) that Vice Mayor Cesar Ituralde withdraws as the Liberal Party’s congressional candidate in the second district because the coalition already has incumbent Congresswoman Lilia Nuno. After being estranged for two years when the Family Nuno bolted, not the Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino, but the Lobregats in 2013, now they’re back in sweet embrace – for political expediency. To Little Sister, there’s no such thing as a UNITY PARTY. There’s only the Liberal Party.

No dice, said the mayor to Mr. Lobregat’s urgent request for “Itu” to withdraw from next year’s race for supremacy in the east coast. I wasn’t at Mr. Lobregat’s press conference at the White House last Monday, but from what I learned, the Carmelite rendezvous ended in a bitter note. Mr. Lobregat, for all his good intentions, was calling for a great compromise to avert an inevitable showdown among giants of the UNITY PARTY. There’s no such mammal anymore, sir. Your Little Sister is asserting the rule of the ruler – “follow me or be damned.”

Mr. Lobregat must be thinking that in order to preserve the UNITY and CONTINUITY of set goals, CESAR MUST GO.”No.” “That’s non-negotiable,” was her adamant reply in front of Sister Agnes, the mother superior of the Carmelite nuns. Susmariajosep. Why do politicians seek the intercession of the religious to mend their political differences? These humble nuns pray for the poor and the destitute, for the lost sheep. With the “Itu” issue unresolved, will the Archbishop of Zamboanga act as the next negotiator?

Mr. Lobregat, as he has announced, has a complete slate. The mayor also said that she has a solid line-up. Mr. Lobregat can leave the matter to take its course and force what many already thinks will happen – a clash of the demigods in local politics.

During his inauguration, Thomas Jefferson while appealing for unity, exclaimed: “Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with government of others?” Well, a little misfortune now and then is a pleasant thing for the opposition. But those aren’t enough to impel the voters from rejecting the present order.

Mr. Lobregat must contend with the reality that men/women have ambitions, too, just like he once did a year before his astounding victory in 1998 against a household name. Leave Ituralde be. He probably, like Jefferson, may be able to “steer with safety the vessel in which we are all embarked.”

Methinks that pride will get the better of Mr. Lobregat. HE WILL RUN FOR MAYOR. When the time comes for him to assert his political advancement, it may be well for him to pick former Congressman Erbie Fabian as his runningmate.In this case,  another Carmelite intercession is needed again because Mr. Fabian might not welcome such an offer after he was treated like a “kaskaruin” mongrel in 2013.

So, must Cesar go? Mira quita.