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Friday, 09 October 2015 13:31


BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

Mr. Rodriguez was so inspired that he did not have time to pay attention the great unhappiness of his family.

But his family, who used to occupy the most special place in his heart,have been displaced six months ago, when he found somebody  new.

So Mr. Rodriguez left his wife and two sons and moved to his new nest with this young girl, somewhere  a little far from his old home.

There was a big change in Mr. Rodriguez at this time. This wonderful thing that happened to him made his handsome features glow, and this new zest in life motivated him to perform much better in his office and gained him many friends.  Therefore, he received a promotion with a salary-grade, two notches higher.

And in his old homestayed  his wife, who was much thinner and haggard now, with emotional distress and physical exertion.  She had to work double time to earn for the things which used to provided for by this former husband.

His  sons swallowed their desire to be little boys a little longer, and  had to work like family men after class, just so they could finish their studies.

Well, it was a hard life in that old home where the poor cast off mother had to carry the burden of rearing and providing for the two boys alone.  But it was not altogether sad.  She taught her kids to love work and to see opportunities in everything.

But just like the winter, when the plants look ugly and bare,  but whose blossoms just hide underneath the snow,  there  always comes the spring in life when the beautiful things  just has to come out, and crown ones life, with beauty and honor.

The good values and the cheery disposition Mrs. Rodriguez bestowed to her sons, made one a doctor and the other a seaman.

They rebuilt their house and were very comfortable.

The nest of our former victor was shabby and empty now. The younger girl  left Mr. Rodriguez, for reasons I do not know.  Mr. Rodriguez had no regrets also because he did not have a loyal nature.

But even if he was an unfaithful character, he also needed a place to stay.  And that old nest,  shabby as it was, required him to pay rent which was too expensive if you paid it alone.

And so our former  winner, had to go home to his childhood home, which  thirty-seven kilometers from where he was working everyday.

And now Mr. Rodriguez looks tired and old and worn.  He was a winner in life  for  a while, because a wrong deed cannot establish ones path, even if it has a sweet beginning.