A lady: Are you one? PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 10 October 2015 11:09



“A lady is defined as a woman of good manners and refined behavior.”

Modesty is a virtue and if you have it, you’re on your way to being a lady but it’s not the only thing, a lady needs to be wholesome,has self-confidence, character and above all goodness of heart.

I remember my grandmother who constantly reminds us never to laugh out loud or to spit on the streets or wear immodest clothes because it is unbecoming of a lady. Even when eating, she would tell us to eat slowly and chew our food well, never to slurp when drinking our soup. When seated, she would tell us to put our legs together and to put our hands on our lap. She said a lady talks, eats, sits, sleeps and dresses with style and elegance.

Grandmother would tell us to walk slowly and with grace. She often checks our poise and tells us to have confidence in ourselves. As a lady, one must be smart but humble, witty but with sense. She said that beauty is not a guarantee that a woman is a lady, but a beautiful woman with a sense of dignity, is.

These are things or actions we seldom see now in our young girls today. They would laugh like hyaenas and dresses likethey were short of clothing, and they wear make-ups like they wanted to put everything on their faces which make them look more like a clown.

Our young girls must be taught the beauty of being a lady to help them appreciate its grand significance in a woman’s life.

To be a lady is a matter of choice, one has only to acquire the pleasing qualities necessary to be one and to really make them her own.