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Tuesday, 13 October 2015 11:50

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato


Sound Snipings saw no print yesterday. Can’t tell if all of you were able to browse over my explanation, so here goes the one I posted - “Helow, world. Woe to me. My writeup for today, in its finishing touches, went pffft. It won’t come out this time. Thanks to my two grandchildren . They came over to where I am writing and pleaded to do some 3 minutes of printing. Biding for time to do some important textings, I gave in. When I opened my program, gone were my writings. Better luck to me next time, folks. ‘Til Sound Snipings re-surfaces, we meet again.”

And it’s today. Hello.

* * * *

There are two big events today. It’s the feast of Our Lady of the Pillar, a fiesta day that is celebrated by all Zamboangueños wherever in the world they. For one, this day observed yearly as reunion of Zamboangueños in L.A., home base of Editor John “|Boboy” Shinn. Sometime in 1994, my brother Jolly, now deceased, and  I drove all the way from Chula Vista, San Diego to a park somewhere in L.A. to join in the celebration gathered by the Zamboangueño community. It was a whole day affair. Food was awash; beer and liquor flowed. But we had to leave ahead of the pack early in the afternoon as we had to motor back to our home base.

And from here, after I end up with my writing, I will be joining the Monggueh cabinet off to Le Peng’s place where the cabinet was invited. Happy Fiesta to one and all.

Second, today is the first day for the filing of Certificates of Candidacy for the 2016 polls. While, I did not have the time to browse over the local dailies or surf the net if any big party was to file theirs today, I would dare say, not one will.

One and the other just must be entertaining the thought of a last-minute re-merger.

Attempting to read Cong. Celso Lobregat’s mind, I express this impression. His delay in filing is because he is set to gun for a return to City Hall and is awaiting for a possible reconciliation. Otherwise, why would he hold his cards close to his chest?

And also doing same on the part of Mayor Beng Climaco, I say that she, too is of similar thought. Just thinking aloud.

* * * *

I may again probably miss my column tomorrow, so I have to come up with one today, for I have to motor off to Ipil tomorrow for a very important meeting that just may chart my immediate future moves. Whatever, they are, for now I will again only confide in those who would care to call, text or “PM” on messenger.

* * * *

At this point, all efforts to retrieve my work yesterday for re-hashing and early use today, in deference to the trip to Pasonanca.

So, from memory, come up with come to you.

First, “From the gas over use to gas abuse” was the impression I got from a writeup in Zamboanga Today (ZT).

A concerned citizen cited only as a “Jun: came up with a revelation of an interesting item on the use of  fuel by our councilors.

Based on the ZT writeup, I figure there could only be three possible Juns that were attributed to. Two are Climacos, a lawyer and a doctor; and the other a Feliciano, the opinion writer.

The source, saying that the fuel is government resource/money, called ther matter “scandalous”. He was questioning the supposed 10 liters a day allocation for the individual council members, and was quoted to this effect, “Aba. Onde gat sila ta anda todo’l dia para acaba dies litro cada unu? Bota pa kita cunesos?” (Ha. Where do they daily in using up ten liters a day. Do we still vote for them?

While he sounded factual, I find it hard to believe, but he claimed such is the record supplied to him by the city secretary upon official request.

Come to think of it then. That “Jun” just must know his onions for he even listed down the figures by dates. And writing from memory, I cannot cite them today as I did yesterday in the missing article. But as he says, the records show.

The same source also said he will next question the much-ballyhooed investigation into the gas use also by SP members. Accordingly, the matter has been relegated to the dust bin.

To my memory though, the last I heard of it is the City Legal Officer Jesus Carbon’s opinion that the unpaid gas consumption is the personal liability of the individual councilors. From then on, nothing more.

* * * *

If you may have noticed, most of the topics I touch on here are those of nationals interests. Less of the locals. Reason.  Since I was cheated of a big sure win in 2013, I have had lesser contact with the news makers here, so I rely solely on newspapers. Regrettably, our local dailies seldom touch on sensitive political and/or official misdeeds of locals officials. But the national dailies are flooded with such. Therefore, that is where my interest centers on.

And all if most issues I get on the political front, I get are from the Monggueh Cabinet. There I find so many sources, and the cabinet had baptized  each one as, ABS-CBN, GMA, TV-11, Social Net, Zumba, CCTV (Not the camera, but Chinese Cannel TV), CNN and Almanac. Upon clearance the Chairman I will later given their respective identities.

On the lighter side of the Cabinet events. Newly installed Vice Chairman Michael Chiong was to have been unseated for negligence of responsibilities in the absence of the Chairman. Good thing he had a good lawyer at that time, the legendary-sized KingKong. His legal counsel defended him by simply saying in chabacano,  Let’s understand his situation. It’s Friday, entering the weekend, so he is low battery (Lowbatt). So, that allowed Mike, , in the group to keep his post. Arriba Muah muah. Hail, KingKong.

* * * *

All national papers yesterday practically devoted their front pages to Sen. Bongbong Marcos on his declaration for vice presidency. Political pundits, including the Monggueh Cabinet openly opined that the young Marcos was a picture true form of a statesman and astute politician. With published accounts on hand, yesterday I had details upon details of the Marcos declaration. In any case, from memory, I will recoup some.

His statements were mind-getting and combative. “I will lead a revolution.”, he thundered. And in the course of his speech, he described the revolution as one for the new generation in mind, vision and action.

Even the choice of venue at the open field for his declaration was explained, saying it was the seat of the Spanish conquistadores that would serve as a reminder of the Filipino  heroes who fought the Spanish colonizers, who the Aquino government is allegedly desecrating because of misgovernance, the drug problems and abandonment of the Typhoon Yolanda victims in Leyte.

If that posture is no impressive bombastic and memory-retainable, I don’t know what is.

* * * *

In  the Philippines, we do not have juries. So, I do not know on what to liken the Ombudsman. Honestly, I was of the impression that the Ombudsman was simply like the prosecutors, known before as fiscals, who investigate charges and upon determination of probable, then files the case in court. But I was wrong.

The Ombudsman can then said to be only a rank below of what is termed as “Judge, Jury, Executioner”, or so to that effect.

That’s what I learned in the case of suspended  Makati Mayor Jun Binay. Outrightly, without filing thje case in the Sandiganbayan, it ordered the dismissal from service and perpetual disqualification of Binay.

Have to end up here, Cabinet alarm is on. Hopefully this corner would see print tomorrow. “Till then. No time left to review writeup. Hope my editors have the time to review this. Otherwise, pardon the slips. Thank you.