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Friday, 16 October 2015 13:40


BY Sarita Sebastian

Betcha by golly is very unfortunate that some people tend to forget promises or deals made , all because of PERSONAL  INTEREST without considering the good of the public. Whether it be intentional or the opposite, still the gesture is UNACCEPTABLE and totally UNETHICAL. It only speaks the kind of person one is...TRULY OROCAN , Sin quitar y sin poner!

Although it’s not a surprise anymore, most especially in the world of politics,  where we see different players, we find political prostitutes, political butterflies, political jerks  and not to forget political traitors. These kind of people truly exist and unfortunately even in our beloved city.

What the heck! Que se Joda! That could be their line, all because of their personal interest and their front or cover is this line “ I’m doing this for the good of Zamboanga City”, Oh common, do not pull my FLAWLESS leg,  when all of us know pretty well YOUR CONCERN is how to amass wealth from the coffers of the government  and oh ..not just the algunusu, even the alipores y parientes, worse ta esconde pa si ta mira comigo untiro! YA MIRA MULTO...LOL!

Today Friday (Oct 16, 2015) is the last day for the filing of the Certificate of Candidacy of political candidates. This  will pave the way for us voters to know the different personalities who will run for public office during election time on May 2016, I am hoping against hope, that Zamboanga City voters will be enlightened to be able to choose the best candidates for the elective post, because if not, God Forbid .. expect a DEMENTED CIRCUS in the city.

* * * *

I hope PLDT will improve its services most especially its internet connection. I don’t wanna start my day cursing you just because I can’t read the news online as how I normally start my day. This has been going on for such a long time. I thought PLDT is working things out to improve its connection in Zamboanga City, pero por dios y por santo, NADA!

Worse, whenever you call the service department, gosh, it will take you a lot of time before getting hold of the person in charge, and when he speaks to you, he goes around the bush, assuming that you are a computer savvy and gives you instruction only to find out that it’s never gonna work at all.

C’mon, it’s the 21st century and we still experience this freaking situation? how can we have the ICT business in the city when  the services of PLDT SUCKS! — Email me at