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Saturday, 17 October 2015 13:13

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

In these almost final developments in local politics, to me, only one thing appeared certain. The rest still hanging on the balance.

What is certain is that Cong. Celso Lobregat did not backtrack due to fear of Mayor Beng Climaco. As reported, it was Liberal Party Presidentiable bet Mar Roxas who brokered the agreement between the two local leaders to maintain party unity.

This was voiced himself by Vice Mayor Cesar Ituralde who agreed to seek re-election for Vice Mayor instead of running for congress in Dist. 2, where the incumbent is Ma’am Lilia M. Nuño.

And 1st District Congressman Celso Lobregat also acceded to run for re-election to maintain a status quo after also having talked to Roxas.

So far, that scenario I believe, for that is exactly what Nuño patriarch, Kajieh Amman had earlier confided in me.

Yesterday, Beng was reported to have filed her group’s CoC’s, and save for the top four posts, with which she had a full slate of council bets in both districts.

As of writing time, Celso and company are reported to be in the COMELEC to file their CoC’s, after attending  certain religious obligations.

Like Beng, same is true with Celso as regard the top four posts. He complied. Council slates? You guessed it right. Similarly full in the two districts. Where then goes the reconciliation?

My friends, this corner doesn’t think that matter stops there.

Get a load of this DZT quotes, “The impending unity however reached a stumbling block when the two parties disagreed on the council slate. Should it remain unresolved, the hindrance can wipe out all prior agreements and result to the clash between the two political giants.” … “Things will change, everything will be changed. We already gave in but despite giving in, they are not yet satisfied. What can we do?” said Iturralde.

As things are turning out the union remains shaky.

Yesterday,  Beng was reported to have filed her group’s CoC’s complying with deal on the top four posts, but with a full slate of council bets in both districts.

So, with Celso today. Top four posts complied with. Council slates? You guessed it right. Also full in the two districts.

Where then goes the reconciliation?

Iturralde himself had this more to say, “… if the stalemate will not be resolved, there exists a probability that any developments brought about by the agreement brokered by Roxas will be all for naught.”

Possibility is, he added goes back to square one.

But of course, Charlie. How can one party support 32 candidates with only 16 slots available?

There’s only course for the two heads. Collision head on.

Knowing the political astuteness of Celso, very likely by midnight tonight he shall have had a decoy running for mayor, vice mayor and a district one representative. And when the stalemate perpetuates, from now until 10 December, he has all the time to effect substitutions.

* * * *

There he goes again, push and pull, heave and ho, up and down. Davao City Mayor not running for president.

And in all seeming sarcasm that I see as pure playfulness to attract people’s minds, for written on his T-shirt, accordingly were the words (In Tagalog or English, was not specified), “You’re all hard-headed, I told you, I don’t want to”. Weeeh ..! Such theatrics. Very willy

Christopher Bong Go, the mayor’s executive assistant, said he was instructed by Duterte to file his COC for re-election.

Not even his daughter Inday Sarah’s antics of shaving her head, daring supporters to follow suit, which many did, moved Duterte.

It is, however reported that many are still hoping, the mayor will change his mind in the end.

Only God knows. There is that decoy ploy, for one. Never forget that.

* * * *

This time around, with Duterte seemingly out, could this be true?, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago on Thursday confirmed that Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. will be her running mate in 2016, saying it’s a mutual choice of each other,”

Marcos, you will recall filed l candidate.

For his part, Marcos, who filed his certificate of candidacy as an independent for vice president, said he did meet with Santiago’s husband, former DILG undersecretary Narciso “Jun” Santiago Jr.

He said they discuss the possible alliance, but stopped short of confirming an agreement to be Santiago’s running mate, adding they will again meet shortly.

There are speculations, though that when Miriam files her CoC today, the last day for registration of candidates. Marcos might turn up accompanying her.

Santiago has been on sick bay after being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2014, but remains the most prolific legislator having the most number of bills and resolutions filed.

And this will be the third time for Santiago to seek the presidency. On her first attempt in 1992 she closely lost to Fidel Ramos, the anointee of then President Corazon Aquino.

Placing second to Ramos, she got 4.4 million votes or 19.72 percent of the 24.2 million votes cast. Ramos got 5.3 million votes.

Media reports at the time were saying that Santiago was ahead in the canvassing of votes for the first five days. But following a string of power outages, the results were reportedly reversed in favor of Ramos.

Santiago again ran in 1998 but lost to then Vice Pres. Joseph, placing 4th in a field 10.

* * * *

Former President Fidel Ramos blasted government for its reported failure to bring justice to the 44 fallen members of the police Special Action Force (SAF)

Speaking at the launching of the “First FVR Golf Classic,” a fund-raising campaign at Camp Aguinaldo Golf Club, he blamed the Department of Justice (DOJ) for failure to identify and account for all the Muslim rebels and private armed groups behind the brutal deaths of the members of the anti-terror SAF.

It was a group of retired generals that organized the event to help fund the schooling of orphaned children of the fallen SAF 44.

And most likely, they are the same retiree officers who came out with paid newspaper ad lashing out at government for supposedly giving credit with disdain to some the Muslim rebels and private armed groups for the neutralization of international terrorist Marwan, as depicted in the president’s “alternative truth.”