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Monday, 19 October 2015 11:32

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Day 2 after last filing day of CoC’s, it’s still a stalemate in the Cong. Celso Lobregat and Mayor Beng Climaco intramurals. Who tend/s to lose/gain under this set-up? If you ask me, I will say - as in a poker game - “all in”, More particularly the council bets.

But between the two major protagonists, Beng, I’d say is at a more advantaged position.

While Celso runs without a mayor he does with a Dist. 2 bet, Ma’am Lilia Nuño. On record, so does Beng of a Dist. 1 congressional bet, but who knows, for also in the race there is her uncle, Dr. Climaco.

Both camps, though seem to have individual vice mayors. Incumbent Cesar Iturralde with Beng; and if true, Noning Biel with Celso.

It is, however widely viewed, Beng still has Mannix Dalipe for a congressional bet in Dist. 2.

It is but only fair then that Celso looks for a way to gun for mayor, and officially adopt a strong vice mayoralty partner.

If it’s me he asks, I can make a suggestion to that prospect, and may even hold the key to its execution.

* * * *

So, it’s not only LP-Zamboanga that is in a fix. The same is true in the province of Negros (the report did not mention whether it is Occidental or Oriental). It just took a different course, unlike Cong. Lobregat, who obediently stayed on at the behest of Party stalwart and presidential bet Mar Roxas, there “the head of the influential Visayas bloc in the House of Representatives, together with a number of local officials, bolted the ruling Liberal Party (LP) after the party leadership junked its members in favor of rival politicians in the province of Negros.

Rep. Alfredo “Albee” Benitez, one of the richest members of Congress and an LP provincial chairman, said he will run as an independent candidate for reelection next year after confirming that the LP had abandoned mayoral bets who are loyal to him.” (TMT).

Benitez’s move was prompted when he learned his mayors have opponents fielded by LP, saying it is but right that he stays with them. Running under LP, he added, means that he is siding with their opponents. … “something that I cannot and will not do. They are my people and I am their leader,” Benitez said in the same interview.

Here, Lobregat, a picture of an obedient and a non-ingrate politician, stood by his principles and stayed on with the LP, simply fielding his own council slate, in the process accommodating his men in the LDP and NP, without importing candidates who are beholden to a rival political party and president, UNA and has publicly detached themselves from the LP hierarchy in the person of Mar Roxas.

* * * *

As reported, members of the Tetuan Police did a splendid job in foiling the kidnapping attempt on Dr. Amado Iturralde.

They were even able to nab a suspect in their response and engaged in a gunfight with the others, who luckily had the terrain working to their advantage, allowing them to retreat and eventually escape through the marshland of Talon Talon where their get-away vehicles were hidden.

Take note of the commendable alert police response that was launched simply by way of a citizen’s report of only a commotion in the doctor’s clinic. A “commotion” minus sounds of gunfire is routine matter that normally is no cause for heightened alarm, yet they speedily responded, finding out when on scene it was more that. An abduction was in the works.

Commendations in the highest degree are the order the day. I salute Insp. Abdulgafur Maani and his men, under Supt.Nonito Asdai. Spot promotions for the responding peace officers to next higher are also in order.

Our authorities should look into this. Truly deserving are they.

* * * *

“No mete para no hede” is the chabacano allegory that is translated to this effect, “Do not provoke so you will not stink”

That is my humble advice to VP Jojo Binay, as to me appears picking a fight with Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, remarking that he preferred to see Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte join the 2016 presidential race despite an earlier assessment from his party, saying that the Mindanaoan leader’s absence will boost his poll chances.

While he may have meant well, speaking of Duterte, he may erred in described him as a “cussing” criminal-hating mayor. Cussing, I checked means cursing, bad-mouthing and blaspheming. And that just might get the goat of the executioner.

And when asked by reporters if he would’ve wanted to compete with Duterte next year, the 72-year-old Binay said: “Oo naman! Sabi ko nga sa inyo, ever since consistent naman ako (Of course! I’ve been very consistent with my words). He was very qualified.” (MB)

Boy, that’s reactionary. “Ta cukina gayot”, meaning he is really taunting Duterte.

Mr. Vice President, you must have forgotten that one Martin Diño, an acknowledge PDP-LABAN official, a Duterte partymate is in the race. You just might stink when Duterte substitutes Dinio by 10 December.

“No mete para no hede”

* * * *

It appears, the China claim in parts of the Scarborough straits, is a serious matter that needs immediate peaceful solution with the help of international bodies. While meaning well, Beijing in a move to soothe tensions over its South China Sea claims has said it will avoid the use of force in the region as the US ponders sending warships close to territory claimed by the Asian giant.

The word is “avoid”, which to me shows a clear sign of intimidation as it gives the color of a veiled threat.

Fan Changlong, vice-chair of China’s Central Military Commission, pledged that the country would “never recklessly resort to the use of force, even on issues bearing on sovereignty.” (MB)

This time, these words, “never recklessly resort to the use of force” bring chills down my spine. Never recklessly, so he says, yes. Meaning therefore, its use remains an option. See?

And the US had spoken on the danger of China’s transformation of the South China Sea reefs into artificial islands, as it is capable of hosting military facilities that poise a threat to freedom of navigation.

Making matters a lot more dangerous, US defense officials hinted that they may soon use naval forces to test Chinese claims.

Fan, however said that the projects were mainly intended for civilian use and “will not affect freedom of navigation in the South China Sea … that “Instead, they will enable us to provide better public services to aid navigation and production in the South China Sea.”

Beijing has used such argument many times before, but satellite images of the islands published by the US think-tank Center for Strategic and International Studies have shown as many as three runways on the islands that could accommodate fighter jets, raising concerns about China’s true intentions.

Pentagon chief Ashton Carter said the US would continue to sail wherever international law allowed.

While no American officials spoke at the event, the country’s retired Chief of Naval Operations Gary Roughead used his time on a morning panel to take China to task for its behavior.

The US government had earlier raised legitimate questions regarding militarization of the area, disputing claims it would of an influx of tourists clamoring to visit these remote islands.

Danger looms over in that South China Sea dispute.