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Tuesday, 20 October 2015 13:33



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart  and wait for the Lord…” (Psalm 27:14, the Holy Bible).

* * * *

UNUSUAL SENATORIABLES, ANYONE? There are unusual names among those who want to be senator, but who I am going to vote for, in 2016. First on my list is Alberto Ong Jr., a Rotarian who served, together with me, as Club President for Rotary Year 2011-2012.

I can certify that Ong, or Albert to us his fellow Rotarians, fully qualifies as a senator of the Republic of the Philippines, especially one that serves with utmost dedication. Then, I also have another Alberto, a guy named Alberto Rojo, a fellow member of several Facebook groups, whose children are now successful professionals.

If only because Rojo has proven himself as a good father of his family, he deserves to be elected senator, although he has plenty of good ideas about real change for the Philippines. Then, there is also a fellow Tarlacqueno, Manny SD Lopez, who also would make a good senator, with disaster planning as advocacy. There are more, of course, and I will endeavor to list their names here later.

* * * *

CELEBRITIES AS SURE POLITIAL BETS: The only problem for these friends of mine, of course, is how to make Filipino voters remember their names come election day. I have seen other good candidates for senator in the past who failed to even make a dent among the voters, simply because of the exorbitant price of publicizing themselves.

I particularly remember the late Frank Chavez, one of the brightest lawyers the UP College of Law ever produced and one of best solicitor generals the country ever had. He was more than qualified, had his fair share of bountiful campaign funds, yet lost in the Raul Roco ticket in 2004, principally because many voters did not know he was even running.

Indeed, when one wants to run for any national position in this country, it would do well for him to either dabble in media beforehand, particularly radio and TV, or appear, even if in cameo roles only, in TV and movie shows. This is the only way to make people remember a candidate, long before he even runs for office.

* * * *

HOW TO TRANSFORM FILIPINOS AS CONSCIENTIOUS VOTERS: This is largely due to the inexplicable propensity of Filipino voters to vote for celebrities, rather than those with sound and solid platforms of governance. When one is famous, he is a sure winner in any given political contest, barring major scandals. In almost 100 percent of the time, celebrities from the movie and TV kingdoms, and from sports as well, never lose a political run, even when they have nothing to offer but their popularity.

What can we do to change this mindset of Filipino voters? Let us push for their spiritual enlightenment and growth with robust Bible studies and prayer sessions. This is the only kind of change—spiritual change, that is—that can really transform a person, away from his reckless lifestyle, to become an individual who values God’s guidance in his everyday life.

If we can make Filipinos more conscious of God’s spirituality through His Word, the Bible, I am sure we will all learn that the true leader who will sacrifice and really serve his constituents is the leader who fears and loves God at all times, even when no one is looking.

* * * *

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