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Wednesday, 21 October 2015 11:34

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

So, it’s not only this corner that believes the recent political developments here and possibly collaborated by LP-Manila is crazy. Comic relief.

Neighbor Jun Feliciano of Pencing does, too and he calls the slapstick “a blatant insult to their own voting populace here … just revolting — a repugnance of the highest order!”

Well said, friend in the way things are becoming clearer and clearer. On the sides, retired police officer Mario Biong Yanga get to be one of the biggest beneficiaries. Re-electionist Cong. Lilia M. Nuño has publicly declared her support for him.

And I tend to believe that not even the displayed truism of Cong. Celso Lobregat to political obedience will hold this time, receiving word he has publicly announced the LP-NP-(LDP)’s adoption of Councilor Noning Biel as vice mayoralty bet.

Pronouncement though of his mayoralty choice has yet to be made.

But it could be coming as there is no other preference left, for ally Ma’am Nuño had already made hers.

Silly politics.

And who is to blame? Simple analytical measures reveal only one answer. To me, the blame is heaped on the first to have filed a complete council slate, signaling defiance.

And it happens to be Mayor Beng Climaco. She filed her complete council slate a day ahead of Lobregat.    Never minding Big Brother Kuya.

* * * *

Writing for news dailies, Atty. Batas Mauricio queries “Will someone please tell me why no one seems able to compel the Commission on Elections to return the safety features of the computer machines our country is going to use for the 2016 presidential elections? More importantly, can anyone tell me why the Comelec can afford to brazen it out in its refusal to return those safety features?”

This representation offers a speculation — COMELEC is hell bent on duplicating its devious desire to replicate its Machiavellian feat in the 2019 and 2013 polls.

To the second question, I also offer a conjecture - Why not? It is under the mantle of protection of the power-that-be by the Pasig.

The hereunder writing is worth the space for repetition with a line or two of augmentation, “Undeniably, with the computer system now in place for the 2016 elections—which was the very system that was used in installing President Aquino in 2010 and in proclaiming his senatorial candidates as 60% victors in the 2013 mid-term elections—there is absolutely no way for voters to know whether their votes were counted or not.

For one, I know. I feel it. My votes in 2013 were not counted. They were discounted, errr deducted.

Surely, this system is a fool-proof recipe for poll fraud and cheating, because no one—not even the candidates themselves—can have proof of who the people voted for. Everyone will have to simply accept what the Comelec will say.”

You are right there, Sir. Victim as I was, I simply had to accept it. No choice.

* * * *

Amidst the latest disqualification case filed against her, Sen. Grace Poe is unfazed .

This time it was filed by former senator Francisco Tatad before the Commission on Elections (Comelec) yesterday.

On the same breath, she also dared those masterminding the filing of the cases to bare themselves in the open and face her straight in the eye.

Her camp had earlier said these were all expected and they are ready to answer their accusations, and are hiding nothing.

Running mate Sen. Francis Escudero said the disqualification cases are unlikely to affect her standing in surveys, as the latest surveys have proven that the issue on her citizenship is not significant enough to affect voters’ sentiments.

But Chiz must have missed out one important point. It is not that the cases do not affect her survey standings. What matter the most is if Poe is yanked out of contention from the presidential race.

In any case, the Poe camp is confident, she will overcome all these case.

That bears watching.

* * * *

Only two days ago, this saw print here, “It appears, the China claim in parts of the Scarborough straits, is a serious matter that needs immediate peaceful solution with the help of international bodies.” While meaning well, Beijing in a move to soothe tensions over its South China Sea claims has said it will avoid the use of force in the region as the US ponders sending warships close to territory claimed by the Asian giant.”

In view thereof, I expressed possible escalation of the issue into violence.

“Here’s hoping this is not the start, even as the United States have readied gunships to patrol the areas in the disputed sites.

And on Monday, the Philippines government strongly criticized the construction of two lighthouses by China in the disputed South China Sea, charging that they were covert means of enforcing Beijing’s claims to the disputed waters.

Charles Jose, spokesman of the Department of Foreign Affairs, expressed strong opposition to China’s construction and operation of the lighthouses on Cuateron Reef and Johnson Reef.

These actions, he said, are obviously intended to change actual conditions on the ground and are aimed at bolstering China’s territorial claim in the South China Sea. The Philippines does not accept these unilateral actions as a fait accompli, he added in a statement.

The two reefs are located in the Spratly islands in the South China Sea, a vital sea lane and fishing ground which is claimed almost entirely by China.

It will be recalled Manila had earlier filed a case with an international tribunal challenging Beijing’s maritime claims. I guess, before the matter worsens such should be pursued for early action.

* * * *

Willie Revillame will afterall  not be subjected to arrest. According to his lawyer, soon as the regional trial court found probable cause in the 2011 child abuse case against his client, Revillame sought and was immediately granted bail priced at P80,000.

The case simply dragged on from then in view of the appeal by way of Petition for Certiorari they filed before the Court of Appeals. The original case was filed by the Department of Social Welfare and Development in response to the public outcry that met a “macho dancing” performance by a 6-year-old boy as instigated by Revillame in his TV5 game show “Willing Willie”.

* * * *

With these words, I seem to believe now Davao City Mayor is permanently out of contention for the presidency. Who in his right frame of mind would ever utter words of honor, dignity and pride, only to retract one more time? Read on. Duterte stood by his decision not to run for President, saying he is a man of his word.

“A man of his word.”

Repeat, “Who in his right frame of mind would ever utter words of honor, dignity and pride, only to retract one more time?” I tend to believe him now. Tend, after 10th December is still far off.

Further, he also dismissed speculations that he is planning a dramatic last-minute comeback in December and become a substitute candidate for Volunteer Against Crime and Corruption chairman Martin Dino who filed his CoC to run for President as a member of Duterte’s PDP-Laban party.

“That is not my game,” Duterte said. “I do not fool city, especially as a public official. There is no truth to that substitute angle, I am an original,” he said.

While his supporters remain hopeful Duterte will change his mind and run for President, I say—For the moment, Case closed.