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Thursday, 22 October 2015 14:28

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Dropping her motherly posture altogether, District 2 Rep. Lilia M. Nuño is up in arms against re-electionist Mayor Isabelle Climaco-Salazar.

Nuño, speaking to newsmen declared Monday she will not support the candidacies of incumbents, Climaco-Salazar and Vice-Mayor Cesar Iturralde in the May 2016 elections.

Climaco “betrayed” her and the coalition, Nuño said, when Climaco deliberately pitted Iturralde against her for the District 2 congressional seat, stating the latter has an axe to grind against her, having failed to get the support of her family who she wanted to fight Lobregat.

That act is unforgivable and is a clear hostile act, she said, adding that the alliance has made its decision whom to support and Climaco should respect that professionally.

Evidently angered, she professed she cannot be expected to support what she termed as “traitors”.

“Rep. Nuño is being backed by her daughter, Taluksangay Kagawad Lilibeth Nuño who is running for a council seat under the LDP-NP-Adelante Zamboanga coalition. The two Nunos said that they will go all out in supporting their present coalition and not the Liberal Party candidates.

Referring clearly as “Debe pabor” (Debt of gratitude), she voiced, “... the truth hurts, but they have to value their family’s word of honor when they pledged an alliance and support with the Lobregats whom they believe can lead the city better than any other self-proclaimed candidates.” (DZT, Bhong Simbajon, RMN)

Speaking on a different forum, Nuño publicly avowed she is supporting the mayoralty bid of Retired Police Officer Mario Biong Yanga, opining Yanga, he is the next known strong contender for the post.

Cong. Celso t L. Lobregat, while having declared support for Vice Mayoralty bet, Noning Biel, is said to still be silent on his mayoralty choice.

* * * *

It was reportedly a local kidnap-for-ransom band that was behind the foiled abduction of Dr. Armando Iturralde in Barangay Talon-Talon Thursday night last week.

A very reliable police source has revealed that a local kidnap-for-ransom group was behind the foiled abduction of Dr. Armando Iturralde in Barangay Talon-Talon Thursday night last week.

The arrested kidnap suspect was identified as Kauser Atari y Maing,29, a resident of Paniran, Sta. Catalina and a native of Sibuco, Zamboanga del Norte., He is said to be one of the hard core members of the “Commander Panjang” group tagged as responsible for some of the kidnappings in Western Mindanao.

Similar to most of the other kidnappings, the strategy of the group is to snatch targets and turn them over to the Abu Sayyaf Group either in Basilan or Sulu with both groups later sharing the spoils.

The source said that the Commander Panjang KFRG, led by Mamarin Pilay is being supported by notorious Moro rebel lost command members under Arasid Soya, Asbirin Kalahuddin and Johar Salam of the Salam KFRG.

The same source said, this group has been operating in the region for about four to five years now and had established a network here in this city and in the nearby provinces, conducting surveillances on prominent personalities in the city who they target for kidnapping.

On the Iturralde kidnapping attempt, it was the timely arrival of police operatives led by Tetuan Deputy Station Commander Police Inspector Abdulgafor Maani that prompted the kidnappers to flee.

The police reaction, I re-assert is very commendable. The police alertly responded simply to a report that there was a commotion inside the clinic of the doctor, which proved to be a serious matter. Had the police reacted slow as the report simply stated “commotion”, the kidnapping would have been perpetrated.

Such quick response, I repeat merits commendations for the operatives, who yet gave chase and figured in  an exchange of gunfire.

Hope higher authorities will take cognizance of the police earnestness and heroics.

* * * *

There’s twist in the GMA plunder case. Can it then mean that said plunder case for which she has been under detention for years is weak?

The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday issued a status quo ante order stopping for 30 days the plunder trial of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo before the anti-graft court Sandiganbayan.

The SC also ordered The Sandiganbayan 1st Division was also ordered to comment on Arroyo’s petition for certiorari, which was filed by her legal counsel, former Solicitor-General Estelito Mendoza.

Arroyo, in her 124-page petition, asked the High Court to schedule oral arguments on the case and suspend the plunder trial.

However, while her co-accused were allowed to post bail, Arroyo was not.

Her co-accused in the case are former PCSO General Manager and Vice Chairman Rosario Uriarte, former Board Directors Manuel Morato, Jose Taruc, Raymundo Roquero and Ma. Fatima Valdes, as well as former Commission on Audit (COA) Chairman Reynaldo Villar. The SC also ordered the Sandiganbayan 1st Division to comment on Arroyo’s petition for certiorari, which was filed by her legal counsel, former Solicitor-General Estelito Mendoza.

On the sides, Arroyo, still insists that she is also entitled to bail, arguing too that her continued detention has resulted in impairment of her health, and she is demonstrably not a flight risk.

* * * *

A third petition against Senator Grace Poe Llamanzares has been filed before the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

Antonio Contreras, a member of the academe, filed the petition for the cancellation of the certificate of candidacy (COC) of Poe at the Comelec yesterday because the latter allegedly made a false entry in her COC.

“He cited Section 78 of the Omnibus Election Code which states that “a verified petition seeking to deny due course or to cancel a certificate of candidacy may be filed by the person exclusively on the ground that any material representation contained therein as required under Section 74 hereof is false.” (TMT)

Citing Article 7, Section 2, of the 1987 Constitution, Contreras claimed no person may be elected president unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, a registered voter, able to read and write, at least 40 years of age on the day of the election, and a resident of the Philippines for at least 10 years immediately preceding such election.

And the petitioner argued that respondent is not a resident of the Philippines for such indicated period, alleging her false entry is a blatant attempt to circumvent a constitutional requirement for the position of president.

In order for her to qualify for the May 9, 2016 elections, the petitioner added, she must have reacquired her domicile status in the country by May 9, 2006. Documents will show, he continued, Arroyo only reacquired her Filipino citizenship in July 18, 2006, when her petition to reacquire her Philippine citizenship was approved by the Bureau of Immigration.

The petitioner concluded that in May 9, 2016, the respondent would have been a resident of the country only for nine years, nine months, and 22 days, which is two months and nine days short of the ten years required by the 1987 Constitution.

In his petition, Contreras moved that his petition be granted and that the CoC of the respondent Mary Grace Natividad Sonora Poe Llamanzares be cancelled on the ground that she made a material misrepresentation about her residency.

* * * *

Doubling up as a member of the Multi-Sectoral Electrification Advisory, have to move out now to attend an Energy Regulatory Council hearing on a petition for an increase of power rates here.

Should there be any significant turns of events there, you will be informed accordingly.