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Friday, 23 October 2015 11:09


BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

I have a friend who had a very industrious working student. And for this story, I’ll name her, Miss Ellen.

This working student, whom we will call Jasmine, was enrolled in Food Technology.

Early one Sunday morning, Jasmine asked permission to go town with some classmates, to buy eggs for the cake, which they were going to bake the following day.

Miss Ellen was busy at that time, that she said yes, absent-mindedly, and told her to be home early as there were many chores to be done, it being a Sunday.

Then, Miss Ellen handed Jasmine some money for this purpose abstractedly, and went back to her business.

But when dusk was approaching, and there was still no Jasmine moving around the kitchen.

With all the chores done now, just by herself, Miss Ellen had time to think properly why on earth she allowed Jasmine to really go to town only for eggs, when there were lots of eggs in the stores nearby.

She was very irritated with the girl now, and imagined all sorts of possible explanations whichcould  give light to the situation.

Then somewhere around eight PM, Jasmine arrived.  She was very exhausted and out of breath.

Miss Ellen decided to hold her scolding for later, and conducted some interrogations instead.

Jasmine drank water first, being very exhausted as she was, and did some proper breathing.

Then she explained that she and her friends had combed every nook and cranny of the market place, to just look for the prescribed eggs of the recipe book, but nowhere could they find them.

They even tried to go to a rice field, very far in search of the “golden eggs”, but of no avail.

Ellen was very surprised with the specific-ness of the eggs, after all, it was just angel food cake they were baking.

When Jasmine paused for breath, Ellen asked, what kind of eggs were really needed.  Could they not just use any eggs and add  one or two if they were too small, and adjust a little if they were too large?

“Yes we did just that”,  said the very tired young lady.

“You see, the prescribed eggs in the recipe book, was “Maya Farm Eggs” and imagine that nobody in the market sold the eggs of the maya.  Therefore, we decided to buy the eggs closest closest to maya eggs, which was quail eggs. We just hope our cake will turn out right.”

Prim and proper Miss. Ellen did her hardest to maintain her composure.  She wanted to burst in laughter.

Then, she explained that even if eggs were just eggs, but there are branded eggs.  For example, there is “Myler’s Farm Eggs”, there’s also “ Eggland”, “Maya Farm Eggs” and many other brands of eggs.

Although  there are no more “Maya Farm Eggs” now,  but their recipef or angel cake, was taken from an old recipe book of “Maya Cook Fest” company.