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Tuesday, 26 October 2010 14:21

It is undeniable that we are in a fast changing world. This means that modern technologies play an important role in our society. Everyone and everything go with it and the educational system is not an exemption.

Schools used to admit children of school age to acquire knowledge, without parental control. They just send their children in the morning then probably fetch them in the afternoon. In like manner, teachers used to prepare the students for exams, thus teaching was mostly exam preparation or exam training.

Together with the changes, novel expectations appeared towards our schools.

Nowadays, topics might be given for research by the learners to be surfed in the internet... thus, internet is in demand today. Teachers' role therefore is just to facilitate learning. Looking back, teachers were the major source of learning and learners were just being sent to the library to research. They used to be the authority in the classroom and often took over the role of parents. Nowadays, teachers facilitate learning, provide
information and show students how to tackle them.

Though DepEd lays a national curriculum and a core curriculum, the teachers themselves have independence to choose the teaching materials as well as the teaching strategies that suit to be employed in the course of teaching so that the learners can perform well both in the examination and in life.

On the contrary, teachers of today need to have technical background on modern technologies like computer, photocopier, Powerpoint, projector, etc. Instead of using chalk in teaching, they may present their lessons through these media.

Another challenge of teachers is the role in the school management. Though the principal is empowered, the school needs them as individuals who can make decisions, participate in the decision-making and as multi-task. Likewise, they need to be able to work in teams, cooperate with co-teachers and the parents, participate in the school as stakeholders themselves, and have the image management expertise to gain benefactors for the school improvements.

How do teachers meet these demands? Teachers of today really have to face these challenges of changing process. In reality, teachers realize the changes but some seem to go back to the traditional way for we have also to admit that there were still advantages in those "old times" though it cannot cope with the present and teachers may not be sure if they can face the new requirements or not.

In-service teachers' education programs are designed to assist teachers in meeting these new demands. And we are lucky that foreign aids like USAID, AUSAID, etc. are with the Department of Education to cater these needs.

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