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Tuesday, 27 October 2015 14:57



It’s not only an odd set-up, but a STUPID one. “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Where on earth, or the solar system, can you find 32 candidates running for the council under two leaders whose break-up is based on purely political greed? Makarisas.

Mayor Ma. Isabelle G. Climaco-Salazar, the standard bearer of the Liberal Party (LP), has fielded a complete council slate for both the east and west coasts. So did Congressman Celso L. Lobregat with the verbal backing of Congresswoman Lilia Nuno and the potent Taluksangay votes. These two leaders vowed to campaign for their respective poodles. My gulay. We have always been treated like Romans by our “emperors”. They gave us entertainment all these years, i.e. Paseo del Mar and a malfunctioning dancing fountain. Now, the ultimate show of all is the arena where 32 people, like gladiators, are thrown in the pit to “kill” each other until the last 16 survive to the cheers of the maddening spectators.

PENDEHADAS. How can you expect Mr. Lobregat to cross borders and campaign vigorously for his candidates in District II when his own reelection bid in District I is in jeopardy. The Little Padre has not been sleeping. He did his homework, and from what I’ve seen so far, he may be able slay a giant. The former priest claims to have 30 barangays in his corner. There are only 37 barangays in the west coast, counting the two zones.

Will Mr. Lobregat spend money and time for his 16 brave souls and a hesitant vice mayoral candidate (as he always did in past elections) when he needs all the resources he can muster to stay alive in his own turf following the political surge of his arch enemy, Crisanto dela Cruz? And here’s the funny part. Three of his candidates for councilor in District I are campaigning for the padre. PENDEHADAS grande.

And the most PENDEHADAS of all is that whoever wins in the council race will have to be subservient to whoever wins City Hall.

There is still time – and that time will come – for the four horsemen of progress to mend fences. Climaco-Salazar, Lobregat, Nuno, Ituralde should come together for a common cause – the permanent independence of Zamboanga from the proposed Bangsamoro political entity. At the moment, Mrs. Nuno is working on a deal so that Zamboanga may be able to acquire the properties of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) in Cabatangan. That’s perfectly good for Zamboanga.

History tells us that the Climacos, Lorenzos (from whence the Lobregats came) and the Nunos had close ties and formed a solid, indomitable political triumvirate unequalled in the annals of our political essay. When Cesar C. Climaco’s run for mayor was sinking against the diminutive Hector C. Suarez, Don Pablo Lorenzo and my grandfather, Manuel D. Jaldon,  summoned the highly-respected peacemaker, Jainuddin Nuno, head of the Nuno clan, and asked him to close ranks behind the candidacy of Climaco. The Taluksangay folks responded with 300 solid votes, enough to quell the Suarez advance to City Hall. As a gift, Climaco made Nuno the secretary to the mayor. There was harmony and strong friendship among these families. Let that unity stand. And it also came to pass that Nuno’s eldest son, Mohammad Zen, became the city assessor when another Jaldon became mayor – Joaquin F.S. Jaldon-Enriquez, Jr.

That is not a PENDEHADAS connection, but a true and undying family commitment to protect each other, in politics and beyond. Family ties don’t die, but political parties, as John Arburthnot said, “die at last of swallowing their own lies.”

To the resurgent LP and the dying, if not dead, LDP, Robert M. La Follete, had this to say: “I long for the time when the public service will get into a higher plane than that of serving political parties, and come to serve the public interest instead.”

So, enough of this PENDEHADAS: you LP, me LDP, we NP. Serve your people. The great Cesar, the peacemaker Jainuddin and Don Pablo must now be turning in their graves as we approach All Soul’s Day. They see their bloodlines fighting among themselves because of childish misunderstanding and political greed – yes, POLITICAL GREED.

I blame Atty. Vic Solis for everything that’s happening here.

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