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Friday, 30 October 2015 13:05

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

The political insanity in Zamboanga City continues to go zanier.  LP-Zamboanga head, Mayor Isabelle Climaco Salazar largely touted to be rooting for Mannix Dalipe in the Dist. 2 congressional race, but Councilor Rommel Agan UNA faction within LP is going for incumbent Ma’am Lilia M. Nuño. And Cong. Celso Lobregat while yet non-committal on his mayoralty choice, partymate Nuño has publicly announced hers. And it is for Retired Police Gen. Mario Biong Yanga. And very soon, on one hand LP’s re-electionist Mayor is expected to declare support for Monsi dela Cruz, a Lobregat rival in Dist. 2. This blossomed as it is widely noted that Climaco and dela Cruz have been seen together in sorties to the barangays. Lobregat, on the other hand, is said to have already gone public for Luis “Noning” Biel in the vice mayoralty race, dropping coalition member VM Cesar Iturralde.

*  * * *

Until I made the rounds in some corners of the city, I didn’t expect the indignation over the Iturralde family disinterest in running after the already collared kidnap band member. While I had said, each and every citizen has the right to one’s decision, especially those involving perceived personal security, still and all, it is evident, the public outcry is undeniably resilient. Heavy. Certain quarters even go to the extent of holding accountable brother-vice mayor Cesar, who they say being the second highest citizen in this city should have taken the cudgels to persuade/convince would-have-been kidnap victim to go for the jugular. Saying the kidnap band are again free to prey on other personalities, they rue the missed opportunity to neutralize the gang, simply because of trepidation. Alas. . .

* * * *

While, I have to aver my pet aversion of Mayor Climaco, blatantly convinced she engineered the cheating I was walloped with in 2013, I have to declare that her openness to the privatization olf the Zamboanga Golf Course is in good taste. If you remember, my comments on that issue already saw print in this corner on 9 October, this year. Owing to the mayor’s seeming good tang on this matter, relevant it is now, that piece sees print again today, “A presentation was made here recently by Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) and its consultant Chadaro Consortium on the privatization plans for the sale of the Zamboanga City Golf Course and Beach Park. Soon after, Zamboanga City District 1 Representative Celso L. Lobregat expressed his objection to the sale of the said asset. While his reasons for objecting were not carried by DZT in its report, it is presumed he has his valid reasons. (An I declare respect for that) This corner then is not concretely adversative to his objection to the sale of the Zamboanga Golf Course and Beach Park. Still and all, I will express my observations on previous objections on a junked semi-privatization of the tourist-attracting TIEZA property, not necessarily Celso’ as I am not aware whose. My observations. A Korean business empire came over years back applying to lease the sublect property for a hefty sum spread in so short a time period. Exact details not also known to me. The plan fizzled out due to strong objections from several quaters. Thereupon, that foreign conglomerate back-tracked to Cagayan de Oro City, where they did not only lease a property but bought one for their own. Now, eminent there and in full bloom are a world-class golf course and a five-star hotel, named KORESKO, a stone throw away from the gigantic SM Mall. In those times that I was able to drop by the place, with my own two eyes, I witnessed throngs upon throngs of golf aficionados and tourists from here and several countries, topped by Korean nationals, filling its hotel rooms. Advertised inside and outside the hotel premises were almost semi-monthly schedules of handsomely-offered prizes to winners. Should one wonder why the Korean business enterprise simply wanted to lease a piece of land here and not buy one as they did in the City of Friendship, there could be just one reason. There is nary a piece of property here close to town that is as vast as the golf course and beach resort. You may also wonder why I know of certain details about that mothballed lease desired by the concerned Korean venture. Reason. Those are the facts related to me by the manager of KORESKO Hotel herself, whose name I have forgotten. (Today, I feel it’s Lenie) What I remember well is, she was an employee of TIEZA here, who was pirated by the Korean moguls. One more woe of such a missed golden opportunity. Except for the Zamboangueña manager and one cart driver, I learned that from the hordes of workers there, all others were locals of C de O and proximities. Income lost for Zamboanga, and jobs deprived for Zamboangueños. Therefore, a thorough review of the Chadaro Consortium proposal must be undertaken. If this will be seen as a repeat of the lost Korean undertaking, by all means, this new pitch must be supported.

* * * *

It seems debates on the possible entry of Davao City Mayor must be put to an end now. Based on recent developments and discovery of yet another, Duterte has reached the end of the road to Malacañang. The latest development. PDP-Laban’s Martin Diño has withdrawn his candidacy for president. Diño, widely seen as a decoy bet for Duterte, confirmed to Rappler that he withdrew his certificate of candidacy (COC) for president at the Comelec law department on Thursday. Concrete reasons for so doing are unclear, as he has yet to explain his move later. Even Former Davao del Norte Manny Piñol, who is part of Duterte’s inner circle, disclosed cancelling Diño’s COC would effectively close the door on Duterte’s expected substitution for Diño. That in spite of a succeeding Comelec statement, avowing that a substitute could take the “slot” of a political party’s bet if the poll body disqualifies the original candidate. But the new discovery is standing on the way. Blunder of blunders, Diño is reported to have submitted the wrong COC, where he declared, in one portion, that he is running for mayor of Pasay City. With these developments, all hopes for Duterte’s entry has been dashed off in point of fact.

* * * *

The US sail-past in China claimed territories is surely turning sour. The move quickly inflamed Chinese officials who saw it as a violation of Chinese territorial waters. The act so infuriated China which immediately summoned the American ambassador in protest of the operation, which it sees as a direct challenge to Chinese sovereignty claims. It was the first time a US warship passed close to a Chinese-claimed artificial island since 2012. But America stands proud of its exploit, as Sen. John McCain praised the decision to send a warship on a patrol in the South China Sea, saying it was a step that should have been taken long ago. He added, such decision is long overdue. And this is latest China stance, “The Chinese Foreign Ministry statement said China adhered to international law regarding freedom of navigation and flight, but “resolutely opposes the damaging of China’s sovereignty and security interests in the name of free navigation and flight.” “China will firmly deal with provocations from other countries,” the statement said (Rappler)