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Tuesday, 03 November 2015 11:51

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Today is the 2nd, marking All Souls’ Day and several locals have expressed disgust over the president’s non-declaration of a holiday today. While for Zamboangueños, the big day is the 1st, among Visayans and other ethnic groups, it is today which they call kalagkalag.

Alex Wee, another certified Monggueh Cabinet member, yesterday boldly told me, “Jimmy you quote me as I say that that Abnoy is some sort of a “T_r_p_”.

Truly, I was set to really do so and even write the complete word of the above hinted one. It so happens today, he retracted and instead asked me to use Mariam Santiago as source, as the latter was satirically pictured on facebook as having bad-mouthed President Aquino in relation to the MILF’s BBL. It just happens, too, she used different spicy words.

Follow that on fb. By now it just may already be viral.

In any case, I feel sorry for our fellow countrymen, missing out the observance of kalagkalag with their family, relatives and friends, and more so missing a day’s pay as it just could be too taxing and difficult for provincianos to get back to work due to travel time and means.

* * * *

To buttress this corner’s stand above, read on, “Cardinal Orlando Quevedo has reminded the Catholic faithful that the appropriate day for remembering the dead is on Nov. 2, or All Souls’ Day.”(TMT)

Observing it on All Saints’ Day, he says is wrong. Likewise, he lamented that even the government recognizes only Nov. 1 as a non-working holiday which further sends a “wrong message” to the faithful.

* * * *

Eat Bulaga co-hosts Sen. Tito Sotto and Joey de Leon are on the hot seat.

It appears the Muslim community worldwide is ganging up on them for donning the Arabian costume, the thome in the show’s segment on Halloween.

Sensing the furor that was ensuing, I started reading some lines. The vast majority scored the two Bulaga personalities, and there were a few defending then two, some Muslims themselves included, So, I cannot reach any intelligent conclusion as of writing.

Thus, I simply reacted this a way which I share with you here, “Except to say I sympathize with you all, I cannot offer any other comment, for I do not know what they were saying or how they actually acted. Whether in bad faith or not, I know not. I am then not in a position to say more. Was not able to see that particular segment of the show. Salam.”

Later in the day, Joey Pamaran Tugung reacted to the uproar, and his intelligent depositions gave a clearer picture of the ruckus. And one thing struck me which gave the impression that the Bulaga episode was done in bad taste. But before I finally make my formal reaction to it, I will hang on a while until I get to view the subject Bulaga segment myself, as I had said earlier on there also comments that say the Sotto-de Leon act did not tend to make fun of the Muslim faith.

And what struck me strong in the Joey statement is of the supposed possibility of violent radical reactions from the youth sector against non-Muslims.

So, simply then I expressed the hope that subject issue will not lead to such extent, explaining the act of the comic duo does not in any way reflect the act and acts of any and all non-Muslims.

* * * *

Former Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chairman Atty. Francis Tolentino, now a senatorial candidate seems determined in his bid. To newsmen in Dujmaguete he said, his long years of experience as local chief executive of Tagaytay City and chairman of MMDA would be more than enough to translate the same into legislation that will spur development in the urban centers.

One intriguing point though, will his long experience extinguish memories of the brief segment of the LP gathering in Laguna where reportedly, but not admittedly, he hired the sexy squad that showed lewd movements on stage in the presence of women and children?

The Filipino feminine world was shocked no end to that note. Hope he overcomes it.

* * * *

The “tanim-bala” at the Manila international airport goes on unabated. Only yesterday, a 65-year old woman in the company of a daughter was stopped from proceeding with her trip abroad at the final x-ray counter where one single .99 mm bullet was discovered in her bag.

That is horrendous! A sick felony. The elderly woman was seen of the papers crying her heart out.

Heads must start rolling.

* * * *

Kids, kids, kids. Grandkids. They again tinkered with this computer unit I am using. There are several icons of net games apparently downloaded that are impeding the speed of the unit. Only in opening programs, it already takes centuries. At times, it takes the same delay for a typed letter to appear on screen.

And it was Sunday, all Saints Day and am just starting to write. All Saints Day as it is, where Christians customarily visit their departed, so have to hurry things or abandon some to hie off to memorial parks. Nothing wanting to miss writing a single day. I have to now, but definitely this will be a mini write-up today. Please with me.

* * * *

City mayorables whose names may be skipped here , pardon me, for thus far to the many that I have met these couple of days, only two names were mentioned. So only the two will cited here.

The two are incumbent Mayor Isabelle Climaco Salazar and retired police officer Mario Biong Yanga.

In the absence of missing names, I then say the fight is between them.

And I offer my simple analysis on the game. Incumbent as Salazar is, the choice will be based on how many like her and how many dislike her. Qualifications and capabilities will not really matter much.

The winner will be picked simply by the mathematical results of likes and dislikes.

Those who like Beng will be for her, those who do not will go Yanga.

If those who like Beng are in the plurality, she wins. If the dislikes surpass the likes, Yanga wins.

* * * *

Zamboanga is in a bind electricity power-wise. Not only was part of the power station bombed, a few days earlier, this was the report I again overlooked to share with you. The first was received two days before. The second yesterday ...

1.)    “Deficiency in the grid or lack in psalm supply: Oct 26 - 90mw due to agus 1 isolation; agus 2 reduxe capacity Oct 28 - 80mw pulangi 4 & Agus 4 reduce capacity due to fast drawdone Oct 29 - 80mw Oct 30 - 150mw low inflow & elevation pulangi 4 & agus 4 reserviors and isolation of agus 1 & agus 2 fr the grid.”

2.) “MRCC: Therma Marine2 unit # 2 on emergency shutdown @ 0750H with a load of 36mw. Unplanned outage. “

Rejoinder. If these 3 bits of developments increase the number of blackout schedules, don’t look at GM George, for you now very well know the culprit.