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Tuesday, 03 November 2015 13:46


BY Sarita Sebastian

(This article was sent before All Saints Day and since we took a break for the holiday, this didn’t see print on that day. Hence we decided to run this article even after the celebration, because we find it still relevant. — Editor)

When I was a little, Papa Charlie woud take me to the flower shop and make me choose the flowers intended for our departed loved ones which include my paternal great grand parents, my paternal grand father and elder brother Milo.

The price was never an issue as those days everything was affordable for people who have their jobs or income. My only problem was the kind of flower and color.

I was really picky. Papa would ask me to hurry as he did not want us to stay out long,  most especially if I am with him. The prize for being his unica hija. He was a worry wart or over protective freak when it comes to Sarita.

Anyhow, with regard to flowers I always choose the rose. It’s the only one that attracts my vision most especially the white ones. I love its smell and the contour and smoothness of its petals. l find it lovely and elegant.

Papa would comment “nice taste hija” and he would remind me to do the same when one day he will be gone.

Visiting the cemetery every november 1st and 2ns is an occasion I always look forward, because I know papa will always take me with him. My brothers go too,along with our mama Mila. Our parents implemented the division of labor in tagging along their kids. lol

The tradition went on even when I became an adult and married at that. Until the gear shifted,  when papa went home ahead to the architect of the universe. I had to continue the tradition on my own.

It was difficult at the start because I got used to doing it with my papa around. But eventually Idecided to change my pattern,  solely because I miss my father so much. I would visit papa in the cemetery not just every november 1 or 2, but weekly when I can find solace when I am by his resting place.

I think of the best times we’ve had together and the wisdom he has instilled in me. I  achingly miss my papa charlie!