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Thursday, 05 November 2015 13:32



“Good breeding consists n concealing how much we think of ourselves  and how little we think of other persons. — Mark Twain

Mirrors are good reflectors of our physical appearance; beauty, stand, height, poise and many others even our pretenses but mirrors are limited only to such things. Good breeding can only be truly seen in one’s thoughts, speech and actions done habitually.

Good grooming is one way where we can show good breeding but it does not mean “dressing up” as if we’re always on our way to an occasion. It is simply being neat and clean and wearing appropriate clothes. All of us want to be popular and loved by others but not having good qualities, we often can not attract others to like us.

For a man, his breeding shows when he does things with a generous spirit, he is chivalrous, generous, considerate, thoughtful, and well-mannered - - these are the essence of a true gentleman. When dining out, our true colors may also show. People with good breeding never clatter the dishes to call attention or shout at the waiter. They call him/her by name (if an intimate). They never order in a rude manner or a loud voice to let everyone know that he has much money or order a big meal and when the bill comes complains about “black market prices” or being cheated.

Good breeding also reflects the goodness in  us - - our kind acts, sympathetic gestures, loving and caring characteristics – done whether during  guarded or unguarded moments, a good breed never fails because it is what he/she truly is.

Good breeding comes from being trained starting from the crib by parents, who too are well-bred. Good breeding can be for everyone if properly trained and sincerely practice

“Breeding is a commodity you can’t buy in a department store. It’s priceless and usually learned from the crib.” — Ricardo Lo


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