The clerk who always went home late PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 06 November 2015 13:50


BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


Elmer, was a young man, who was very happy to be hired as a clerk in the personnel department, of a plywood company.

This was his first job, and he could not wait to tell the good news to his family, who in turn, announced it to all the neighbors.

This  news was  not common in their neighborhood, since most of the men his age, did not finish their studies due to early marriage or lack of motivation, and were unemployed.

Therefore, they were very impressed with this great thing that happened to Elmer!

The following day,our  happy new clerk, reported to his new office very early, and very  nicely dressed, as how an office worker ought to be.

His former playmates were overcome with such dignified look, that they did not shout their goodbye to him as they were used to, rather, they gave him a formal smile and a respectful wave, like what they would give any policeman who visited the area, whenever their cock-fighting activities reached the police station. .

When the young man arrived from work that afternoon, he was very surprised to see  many neighbors seated in their sala. When he proceeded inside the house, there were sliced-bread, a tray of eggs, a very big papaya on the table.

His mother softly explained that the food came from the visitors,who have been waiting for him, for almost one hour already.

“What do they like from me?” asked the very shocked newly hired clerk.

“They are here to request you to give their sons any work in your company, or at least facilitate their application”.

The poor young man,was very stressed to hear that the neighbors were relying on him to give them jobs!

So, he explained that he was just a clerk, and did not have the power to hire anybody.  But the ignorant mothers, who was very impressed with him, thought that he was just testing them, and would eventually hire those who persevered.

Therefore, the following day, the faithful ones came back with even bigger offerings.  And no matter how much he explained that he really did not have any power in the office, they just took it as a sign of his humility, and continued to bring him gifts.

There was little he could do. He was very uncomfortable with the gifts, and did not like to offend their simple minds by returning them.

Even his mother, who was just in the house and felt very harassed by the neighbors.

Therefore, the newly hired young man, decided to come home very late every night.  He just did the work for tomorrow, as long as he could avoid the throng of hopefuls in their house.

Elmer’s boss was very impressed with his dedication, but his friend, who was my sister knew the real reason for his daily overtime.