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Sunday, 08 November 2015 14:15

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato


It has been a very busy week for the Chinese Community here. Owing to the celebration of Chong Hua’s founding anniversary, several influential and prominent balikbayans from across the country and abroad trooped back home for nostalgic rendezvous with classmates and friends.

Making a surprise visit yesterday to his Chinese connection-members in the Monggueh Cabinet was Manuel “Banduy” To, coming in from Davao City, where he has long established residence.

Banduy is brother to ToTek So, known to the cabinet as Itek.

It was interesting seeing him touch base with the likes of the Chairman, Monggueh, Quirino Yeo, , Cianing “Kimsu” Tan, George Yeo, Alex Wee and Vir Shia.

I understand, the celebration climaxes tomorrow with a general assembly of all alumni at the Astoria Regency.

And it just so happens, the five or so known Chong Hua alumni I texted, couldn’t tell how long ago their alma mater was established.

* * * *

Contrary to my earlier observations, retired Police General Mario Biong Yanga is not doing his homework, on the contrary, he is. He is hot in the “campaign trail”, after. This corner learned about that yesterday.

Surprise of surprises, the unassuming recent retiree dropped by the Baliwasan Barangay Hall and it happened, my barangay captain-son, Jaime “Boday” was out in the field attending to official matters so I had to pinch hit while waiting for the boss to return.

Our visitor was mayoralty bet, Yanga. And I am glad I laid my tasks on the table to attend to him, for it turned out, the visitor came not only for Jaime Boday, the barangay chieftain. He came also to see me, saying, several barangay captains, kagawads and friends have been advising him to seek me out.

And this is actually my stand, if the fight had been between Cong. Celso Lobregat and Mayor Isabelle Climaco, I would have rooted for Lobregat, and that accounts for Boday’s running under him as councilor. The Cabatos have faith in the leadership of Lobregat.

And now that it is between Climaco and Yanga, barring unforeseen circumstances come 10 December, last day for possible switching of candidates, I am for Yanga.

This I have to pronounce, pardon me, I am convinced Mayor Climaco engineered my defeat in 2013 via the devilish PCOS machines, including the tainted counting of the untallied votes in of Canelar, Talisayan and Cabatangan.

* * * *

Reacting to City Hall statements attributed to Mayor Beng Climaco, Cong. Celso Lobregat said he pities the long-departed Mayor Vitaliano Agan, as Climaco called for the conduct of a back-to-back investigation regarding the presence of illegal settlers inside the old public market that was hit by fire last Saturday, causing the death of 15 and injuries to 13 others.

Media reports said Climaco has tasked the city legal office probe team also consider investigating the management of the said public market since the time of the late Mayor Vitaliano Agan, Ma. Clara Lobregat and Celso Lobregat.

Whooah, there! I side with Lobregat. Truly, that’s foul. During the previous years, no conflagration of that disastrous effect had ever occurred in the market or elsewhere.

Someone here must just be a bearer of disaster. Remember, barely two (2) months into Beng’s incumbency, the MNLF attacked the city causing deaths to thousands of innocent civilians and monstrous destruction to properties.

And right after the day that the military declared liberation, typhoon Yolanda struck sending thousands of residents of some ten to 15 barangays to evacuation centers as their villages and sitios were submerged in rain water.

And then more of such other disasters hit Zamboanga now and then.

Bearer of disaster, this one is. Say you?

* * * *

This here brainchild is plain business as it appears, but depending on one’s analysis, this could be adding insult to injury.

already despised in several outside countries for the tanim-bala scandal, an enterprising young man invented a video game depicting the shame.

But we cannot entirely blame the Filipino inventor for monkeying a kind of video contraption featuring the disgrace, for such talent is his means of livelihood. The creator is Argene Tanyong, 31, of Kulit Games who developed the game in two days and a half, as told The Manila Times.

He justified his handiwork by saying he made the game out of frustration, adding all are pissed off having seen travelers crying, affecting emotionally as people feel their pain even in their absence at the airport.

Mobile phone users may soon get hold of that video game and play the infamous bullet-planting (tanim-bala) extortion racket.

Tanim-Bala, the Mobile Game is the first that Tanyong created for Android. He made numerous flash games in the past like Water Buboy, Paper Warfare, Heavy Pawnage, Graveyard Madness and Acne Panic among others.

* * * *

The feud between Makati mayoral contenders worsens.

Makati City Rep. Marlen Abigail Binay has charged Mayor Romulo “Kid” Peña for wreaking vengeance on her family by ordering the eviction of her field office at the Makati City Hall complex.

Accordingly, she was told to vacate the office because the acting vice mayor, Leonardo Magpantay, is going to use it.

Marlen is the daughter of Vice President Jejomar Binay and elder sister of ousted Makati Mayor “Junjun”., who was ordered dismissed by the Office of the Ombudsman for alleged anomalies at City Hall.

Makati staff-members designated to Binay’s congressional office were likewise recalled and ordered to report back to their mother units.

* * * *

A woman reader and comment sender of Opinion Column Yen Macabenta, TMT, wrote into say to say, “… given the current spiral of problems to traumatic proportions, it may be time for us to seriously examine/debate whether the Philippines under President Benigno BS Aquino 3rd has regressed to the status of a banana republic.”

According to Macabenta his attention then was called to Lee Kuan Yew’s proud boast and legacy before he rode off to the sunset. “He laid claim to leading the transformation of Singapore from a third-world country into first-world status. And he had the gumption to write it all down in valedictory volume: From Third World to First.

She then suggests that as President Aquino winds down his presidency in June next year, he could be leaving us this bizarre legacy: the regression of the Philippines from Third-World to banana republic”

Depicted in that, whereforth thou art, Philippines? Banana Republic as claimed, to the monkeys?

* * * *

Apologies seem to be the call of the hour these days.

Recently, Sen. Bongbong Marcos demanded an apology from Pres. BS Aquino for allegedly mishandling the Mamasapano raid that led to the brutal massacre of 44 SAF commandoes.

In turn, Aquino asked Bongbong to apologize for the supposed atrocities during the Martial Law years of his father.

Along that line TV personality, Nonie Dondoyano quipped, “Why would Marcos apologize when Aquino refuse to even issue an apology to the Hongkong government for the death of Chinese tourists in hands of an ousted policemen at the Luneta Park?”

Another case of mishandling.

Now, Efren Danao writing, too for TMT says, “KRIS AQUINO must now apologize for the many sins of her brother, President BS Aquino The Last. I know, she didn’t personally commit the offenses but since her brother whom she loves very much refuses to acknowledge any sin and to apologize, then she must do it for him.”

The many transgressions of the President, he says, “have been so blatant that it rankles if anybody, especially a person close to him like Kris, would remain remorseless and even defend him. It may be very difficult for Kris to admit that a loved one like the President had erred, but I’m hopeful that she could do what she’s demanding of others to do, like apologizing for the sins of their parents.”

Taking hot potshot at the Aquino family, Danao rattles, “No, I’m not asking that she apologize for her grandfather for his role during the Japanese occupation. What would have happened to the Aquinos if the leaders of the country didn’t move on after the bloody World War where tens of thousands of Filipinos died in the hands of the Japanese and their Filipino collaborators? She need not even apologize for the reported source of the Cojuangco fortunes for this supposed episode during the Fil-American war, nor for the alleged involvement of a sister in a government contract.

Rather, she should apologize only for the blatant offenses committed by her brother who continues to blame others for these. Take the Mamasapano massacre for instance. Why is it that there’s no justice for the 44 members of the Special Action Forces?    Sure, the President has admitted responsibility but his actions never gave proof to this admission.”

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