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Friday, 13 November 2015 13:19


BY Sarita Sebastian

Im pretty sure Padre Angel Calvo along with his compañeros are busy preparing for the Mindanao Week of Peace celebration which will be on November 26 up to  December 2, 2015.

Im excited to check out the different pocket events, to mention some; grand opening peace parade which will kick off at 6.30am from Sta Maria Street towards the Boys Scout camp in Pasonanca. Peace weavers awards night on Nov 29. December 1 ISP Forum on Mindanao Peace Process and Beyond. December 2 will be the torch parade with cultural peace festival and Dec. 10-12, 2015 will be the Pascua de Katilingban at Plaza Pershing. The public will have the chance to see and purchase  different products produced by the Katilingban  community .

The Week of Peace started in 1997 through the humble initiative of the interreligious for peace through Peace Advocate Zamboanga or better known as PAZ along with other significant groups or institutions. It has come a long way. How time flies. I remember my good friend Rey Luis Banagudos back in the 90s who often talk to me about the peace works.  Lucky for us in the city to have Padre Angel who has devoted his time and efforts in peace initiative projects, although unfortunately ,some look at him in a different way. Cay porque? pues, nu puede sila basta basta hila el naris del padre porser duru pulso tamen mi amigo. Hihihi.

But kidding aside, I’ve seen some of Padre Calvo’s peace related programs (thanks to the Spanish Embassy and AECID  for its unending support and assistance) from advocacy, housing and even livelihood programs.

My first time to see the Katilingban community was during the visit of the former Queen of Spain Su Majestad Sofia. Little did I know that such a  community has been developed. Families were afforded a place to stay and for them  to develop. When you are there, you can actually see the simplicity of life, yet its people never cease to  smile. Strong camaraderie in the community has been greatly established  as evidenced by the way the residents take care of each other and  their place.

It only shows that everything is still possible if we really want to help others. I guess that is the difference between a person who works with sincerity and not just for publicity.