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Tuesday, 17 November 2015 11:17

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

I am confused. In her statement, Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar made clear her point on the burned market site, “There are quite (some) plans but because of the sensitivity of the situation what we intend to do is to put order (first) in the market,” (ZT)

After cleaning the market, she adds, only registered vendors will be allowed inside its premises; squatting and staying in the public market after business hours will be prohibited as those are violations of the ordinance.

As if that is not enough, she continued unmistakably that aside from that, she wants that the city comes up with a market plan and a fire truck to be made available inside the market to immediately respond in-case of fire.

Despite all these, earlier in her opening statement, she was quoted, “Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar said that she has no clear plans yet of what she would do with the burned area inside the old public market at Sitio Magay in the village of Zone 1, this city.” (ZT)

That is what puzzles this corner, based on her words, the mayor undoubtedly already has a clear-cut design for the burned site.    Why the vacillation?

That part of the market is where so many individuals depend on for their livelihood. This is no time for more indecisions. For the distressed time is of the essence.

There is need for decisiveness at this point in time. Please move. And move fast!


Enough of hesitancy. That is dramatizingcontinued mediocrity.

* * * *

Is Zamboanga City this dangerous nowadays? Seems there is no certainty of one’s security here.

Take the case of this woman, identified as Rebecca Sitti y Sau, 34, of San Roque. Simply walking unsuspectingly on our streets, she was waylaid and robbed at gunpoint early in the morning.

She later told police, as she walking in the vicinity of the public cemetery along San Roque, two unidentified motorcycle riding persons, cut across her path, pulled a gun and announced the heist. They then sped off safely taking her money and valuables.

Guess now you may see the point when this corner sarcastically commented on the close to a hundred policemen directed to chase illegal peddlers, when the city faces scores of other criminalities such as hold-ups, killings, the drug menace and lots of others.

And this is what gets my goat, when I see swarms of policemen all over blocking our streets, strictly checking on driver’s licenses, motorcycle registration papers and non-use of helmets.

Gosh, let us please spend time averting horrendous other criminality. Let the problem of traffic be the concern of the Land Transportation Office (LTO). That is its main concern, after all.

At times though, I commiserate, with the police, for each time they move to enforce the simple city ordinances, it is always at the behest of City Hall.

Come on, Mayor, Ma’am, focus on bigger priorities, please. Security of our residents, for one. The drug pain in the neck, - repeat - hold-ups … hmmm, as if those are secrets. School kids. Is she?

* * * *

The whole brouhaha that caught Cong. Celso Lobegat’s ire on the instruction of Mayor Climaco to determine the responsibility of previous mayors on the conflagration at the public market that claimed the lives of 15 and injuries to 13 is aptly depicted in the write-up of neighbor and friend Rex Miravite.

“The previous administration cannot be held liable for the failure of the present local officials to enforce the public market ordinance.”, thus spoke Miravite.

He had said it all. The liability on the waste of lives and properties and failure is clearly portrayed. As I agree, I share this space for his comment. Well said, Rex.

* * * *

Can these stinging words be beaten?, “This time the world will witness President Aquino’s ineptitude as the Philippines hosts the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Manila this week. In contrast to the brand new surroundings that greeted them in past summits, even in 1996 at Subic Bay, the APEC world leaders and delegates will be treated to decades-old facilities. (Rigoberto Tiglao, TMT)

And Tiglao simply relates this by way of a World Bank disclosure that the Aquino administration was too slow in releasing infrastructure funds that had allegedly pulled down our GDP growth and country’s prestige.

One other point, he raised, “There wasn’t even a single meeting with departments and the private sector to discuss how the historic APEC summit – the second in the country after 9 years – would be undertaken.”

No wonder he remarked on the alleged ineptitude.

* * * *

Good, this item written by Marlen V. Ronqillio was reprinted today in the TMT. I was set to cite this yesterday, but my haste to drive off back to Zambo to catch up with the Araneta clan reunion - that I missed just the same - got in the way. Consider, too the uncertainty posed buy the coin-operated CPU in Pagadian. I’d rather backtrack writing some more that lose my entire write-up for the day to an unreliable machine. Here goes today.

Lawyer Harry Roque fears that Pres. BS Aquino III and his legal mob are setting the ground for what he termed a legal coup.

Accordingly, these are his targets:

• Jailing Mr. Binay on corruption charges

• Disqualifying Grace Poe on citizenship grounds

Then, he said, the last act will be in the hands of Mr. Aquino’s press gangs, by demonizing Senator Santiago and question her fitness physical and otherwise to be president.

By then, the door for the push and pulling Digong Duterte to run for president via the PDP-Laban nomination would have been banged off .

It is only in this proceeding part of the write-up that this corner differs a bit, “Accomplished, the three operations will set the stage for the coronation of Mr. Roxas, the anointed, who despite all the nonstop positive plays from the mainstream media, is struggling to get traction as a presidential candidate. With the winnowing job done, he will be competing against a bunch of non-entities, an easy path to victory. At least, that is the expected outcome of the “legal coup” and the demolition job on Senator Santiago.”

With the three out, pitted for now against patsies, I agree. But the Roxas’ coronation , to this keyboardist, could yet be uncertain. There could still be two predators on the bye.

First, there is Former President and now 2-time Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada, who had said, there will be a surprise if Sen. Grace Poe is disqualified, meaning he will run.

Estrada, however, may face the same  fate as Duterte. He may have no one to replace.

And to my gut feel. Enter the dragon, one who is running as independent now just as Poe is. Only a gut feel, though. Sen. and VP bet, Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.

Sounds feasible. What say you?

* * * *

My, this is what this corner calls decisiveness. Swift vengeance instigated.

Hurt by the treachery of terrorists who went on a rampage killing 129 innocent civilians, “France launched ‘massive’ air strikes on the Islamic State group’s de-facto capital in Syria Sunday night, destroying a jihadi training camp and a munitions dump in the city of Raqqa, where Iraqi intelligence officials say the attacks on Paris were planned.” (PDI)

Used in the assault twelve aircraft including 10 fighter jets that dropped a total of 20 bombs in the biggest air strikes since France extended its bombing campaign against the extremist group to Syria.

Repeat - My, this is what this corner calls decisiveness. Swift vengeance instigated.

That is how Zamboanga leaders must act. Decide. And decide fast! Do not vacillate. Move. And move fast!