BLAZING THOUGHTS: Be vigilant! PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 June 2011 13:41

Before classes ended two months ago, there have been some reports of snatching and mulcting incidents in schools— money, cellphones and other valuables of school children were forcibly taken by knaves and rascals.

Police investigation disclosed that unscrupulous individuals entered the campus and befriended the children. Cunningly they invited their innocent target to go with them outside the school where they stripped of their possessions. While others just pried around and by a streak of chance, grabbed the loot from the victim and fled. Recently a school boy was allegedly abducted by unidentified motor riders and brought him to an abandoned house where he was left with hands tied after taking his money.

Our city police director has assured parents and teachers that the safety and protection of school children is the number one priority of the police force under him. He directed all the ZCPO operatives to be more vigilant against lawless elements and suspicious characters who would molest, harass or harm the students along the way to and from the school.

According to the police advisory, parents should take all the necessary precautions for the safety of their children in going to school. To keep their children away from vicious rogues in the streets, parents are advised not to give excessive allowance or allow their children to bring big amount of money, to dissuade them from wearing expensive wrist watches or jewelries and avoid displaying their cellphones publicly.

Likewise advise their children not to entertain any strangers outside the school campus, walk alone in secluded places especially during late hours or hitch ride with unidentified suspicious looking persons. When your children fail to be home at the usual time or anything unusual is perceived, find a way to contact them or request for an assistance from barangay officials or better still, report to the nearest
police or military authorities.

Bear in mind that vigilance is the most effective deterrent against criminalities. --Al Kenoh