The not pitiful paralytic PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 20 November 2015 13:49


BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

When Edgar was still very complete, he was a man of strong imagination.

He always invented unique gadgets  out of discarded electronic devices.

But that was before the big accident in the logging company where he worked, and left him paralyzed.

The neighborhood inventor was a paralytic now.

Gone were the days when they would see Edgar around the area, rummaging through their junks, then volunteering to repair or make them into something useful.

Now, the inventor, just lay on his bed most of the time, crippled and discouraged.  He was just there, doing nothing and feeling very useless.

The neighbors no longer heard about him, and some presumed that he has already died some time ago.

But of course, time makes things better for everybody,  even if the facilities given to you at birth are no longer complete.

And when Edgar discovered that his inventive mind was not maimed like his body, he started creating things again.

His first come-back invention was a flashlight and cell phone charger which was made out of small solar panels joined together.  This made a very powerful charger for his family to use.

When this was successful, Edgar was really in his element.  He was excited to make more things from where he was sitting or lying down.

Wasn’t it Hercule Poirot, Agatha Cristie’s Belgian detective who always said “It’s all about the little grey cells up there”?

Wherever you are, lying down or walking; in the crime scene or in the confines of your office, if those little grey cells in your head are at work, you  solve something!

Therefore, Edgar was more productive than his “complete neighbors”, because he used his “little grey cells” but of course they did not know this, because they really thought he  has died some time ago.

Until one night, when they heard a very loud singing from Edgar’s house which sounded exactly like Edgar’s voice!

They were very surprised that their hair stood on ends! Just to think that he was alive all this time!

“ Nothing is indeed  sure in this world!” They exclaimed,

“And for him to frighten us this way!”

For Edgar, the paralytic, whom everybody thought was in another world already, invented a music player, something like a karaoke,  which he could  just manipulate from his bed side,for him to  enjoy  singing very loudly,whenever  he felt like it.